Where to Get Kids Ears Pierced in Long Beach

When we were little you just went and got your ears pierced at Claire’s. Now there are a ton of options when wondering where to get kids ears pierced in Long Beach. Whether you’re looking to get baby’s ears pierced in Long Beach or your older child has decided they’re ready, we’ve got a place that will meet your needs.

My daughter is seven and just decided she wants to get her ears pierced. My lobes are hole-free, so this was a whole new experience for me! Which meant I had to research my butt off.

The biggest question I had was, where should I take my kid to get her ears pierced?

I remember my Mom taking my sister to Merle Norman to get her ears pierced. But I was pretty sure that was some outdated information! (Does Merle Norman even exist anymore??)

So I asked friends, family, the internet. Here’s everything you need to know about safe options for getting your kids ears pierced.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding if you should get your child’s ears pierced. Some parents choose to get their baby’s ears pierced when they are young and won’t remember it. Others, wait until their child expresses an interest in getting their ears pierced. Some wait until they are confident their child can be in charge of their own after care.

We can’t tell you when you should get your child’s ears pierced. We can only tell you that you have to make that choice that you feel is best for your family.

Once you’ve decided to get your child’s ears pierced, it’s time to decide where! A lot can go into this decision including your comfort level with different environments, ease of availability and method of piercing.

One of the biggest questions you may as is, “Should I pierce my child’s ears with a gun or a needle?” Once you decide that, you can choose a location that uses the method you’re most comfortable.

Pediatricians Office

The first place that you can check is your child’s doctors office. Increasingly, pediatricians are piercing their patients ears right in the office. While this may not be a glitzy option, it’s definitely safe and clean.

Consider asking your pediatrician if this is a service they can provide at your next checkup!

Piercing Shop or Tattoo Parlor

When my daughter decided she was ready to get her ears pierced, I knew Grammy would want to come along. However, I also knew I planned on taking her to a Tattoo Parlour/Piercing Shop to get her ears pierced. So I was a little nervous how my anti-tattoo Mother would handle walking into a tattoo parlor.

She was super on board because these people are super professionals! They also don’t want to lose their license – this is all they do! – so they’re very well regulated. There are some tattoo parlors and piercing shops that are great at working with kids.

Piercing Studios Near Long Beach

  • CM Hurt – Don’t let the name fool you! This piercing shop is a pro at piercing kids (and babies!) ears and does a great job, with little pain. They’ll pierce both ears at the same time and they use “completely sterile, one use hypo-allergenic cartridge system.” This method has been proven to be the safest, cleanest and quickest method available. CM Hurt is available by appointment only and is a bit of a drive (in Garden Grove) but definitely worth it! (Full disclosure – this is where we ended up picking when I took my daughter!)
  • At Last Piercing – This is a great choice if you have an older child (they only pierce children 5 and older). You’ll need to bring some identification for the child (passport or school ID) and your ID with a matching last name. If last names differ, bring a birth certificate. At Last is clean, the staff is kind, and the kids don’t even flinch! Appointments recommended!
  • Envy Body Piercing – Head up to Redondo Beach if you want to visit the highly recommended Envy Body Piercing. Appointments are required and they also only pierce older children, ages 5 and up.


Yes, you can still go to Claire’s to get ears pierced! Claire’s is a super easy and convenient option. They don’t require a reservation and you can make it part of your trip to the mall. There are a lot of cute earring options to choose from, which can help quell any nervous feelings your child has.

Claire’s keeps it a quick in and out process! However, if your child is nervous it may also not help if they see another child freaking out about getting their ears pierced or the fact that they do it on a chair out in the open. My shy child took one look and said, No way! But if your child is feeling bold, it’s an especially efficient – and cost effective – option!

The closest Claire’s are all conveniently located in shopping centers including the Lakewood Mall, the Cerritos Mall and at the Pike in downtown Long Beach.


Target is one of the newer options for getting kids’ ears pierced. Having said that, we’ve researched our butts off and haven’t found an actual Target anywhere nearby that actually has this service. I have heard folks recommend it, I’ve found it on Google, but go to try to find the actual who, when and where? Well, if you find more than we could – let us know! Ear piercing at Target might just be a myth!

No matter whether you’ve got a well planned out piercing day or have a kid that wants to get pierced on impulse – you’ll find somewhere in Long Beach to get your child’s ears pierced!

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