Tips for Visiting the OC Zoo

Looking for a zoo near Long Beach that is small, manageable, but still a ton of fun? You don’t have to head to LA or San Diego! Check out the OC Zoo in Irvine for a great zoo at an even better value!

We’re big time zoo enthusiasts. We regularly get family passes to the LA Zoo, and have even been known to get them to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. But sometimes we don’t want to have to deal with the LA traffic or make a whole weekend of going to San Diego.

If you’re looking to see some fantastic animals from the Southwestern United States, you’ll find a great collection at the OC Zoo.

Nestled in the beautiful Irvine hills, the OC Zoo is one of our favorite places, that even we tend to forget about!

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Visiting Adventure Playground in Irvine

Looking for a big adventure beyond Long Beach? For all day fun, consider checking out the amazing Adventure Playground in Irvine.

Now that I’ve got kids ages 10 months to 9 years, it’s important for me to find places that has something for everyone. It needs to be safe, secure, and most of all fun. Adventure Playground in Irvine checks every single box and is worth the drive for a day of fun the whole family can enjoy.

The big kids love building structures with huge Lego style bricks. I love that it’s fully enclosed. They ALL love the mud! It’s the kind of playground where I get to say YES, which is also great. Yes to getting messy, Yes to running and climbing. YES to finding all kinds of ways to play.

While this is definitely a bigger commitment than one of our great local parks, it’s a commitment we’re happy to make!

Read on to find out why we love Adventure Playground in Irvine so much, for kids of all ages.

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Pretend City Tips to Make Your Visit AMAZING

Visiting Pretend City in Irvine? Our kids LOVE this place, and we’ve been there at least a few dozen times. Here are some Pretend City tips to know before you go!

Pretend City children’s museum is exactly what it sounds like- it is a big, warehouse style building set up like a complete, working city. Kids are free to explore the city in any way they choose, and everything is designed to be touched and handled by inquisitive little hands.

Kids can shop at a grocery store that looks exactly like Trader Joes, then head to the farm area to see how food is made and see baby chicks. They can dance on a stage, visit the library, or play at the beach. They can paint, splash in water tables, and build. They can visit the doctor or the dentist, work or “eat” in a restaurant, and play house in a tiny home made just for them.

In a word- Pretend City is a child’s DREAM playground. We love visiting Pretend City with toddlers, and even our big kids are still super into the pretend play this children’s museum provide. If you’re in the area- heck, even if you’re not- planning a visit to Pretend City could very well be one of the highlights of your trip. 

But before you go- here are our best Pretend City tips to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

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