Best Christmas Lights in Long Beach

We may not have snow and the full winter experience, but Long Beach has some amazing holiday lights that is sure to get even the biggest Grinch into the holiday spirit. So grab some cocoa and take your kids to one of these amazing spots to check out some of the best Christmas Lights in Long Beach.

As the holiday’s roll around, we have a ton of family traditions. We bake and decorate cookies. We watch Home Alone. And we always go looking at Christmas lights.

Long Beach has so much to offer for Christmas lights. With tons of walkable neighborhoods and houses well worth the drive, there’s something for everyone. You can even see Christmas lights by boat in Long Beach!

If you’ve been sticking to Christmas lights in your immediate neighborhood, you’re missing out! So if you’re asking yourself “where should I go to see Christmas lights in Long Beach?” We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our favorite places to look at holiday lights in Long Beach.

Naples Canals

The quintessential holiday lights experience in Long Beach has GOT to be the Naples Canals. We never miss a year of strolling through the canals with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. The canals get VERY busy on weekends and the closer you get to Christmas. Parking can be a challenge as well, so be ready to be patient or walk a bit just to get to the canals.

Once you’re there, you won’t be disappointed. Large thematic displays, twinkling lights, blow up decorations, and moving Santas, reindeer – and even flying pigs! – will enchant your kids!

For another special way to view the lights, consider renting a Duffy boat or taking a ride on the famous Naples Gondolas. Reservations for both fill up fast, so look into both options early if you’re interested! If not this year, you should definitely put this one on your Long Beach bucket list!

Downtown Heritage Holiday Lights Cruise

If you want to do an incredible driving tour of holiday lights in the downtown area, you must check out the Long Beach Heritage Holiday Lights Cruise. Put on your favorite holiday tunes and follow their map as you take a self guided tour to see some amazing historical Long Beach homes in full holiday decor.

Ending at the famous Bembridge House, this holiday lights tour is unlike anything else you’ll find in the city.

Virginia Country Club

Virginia Country Club has some huge houses and some very festive folks that go all out during the holidays. These displays take up several winding blocks, so this is one that we often like to do from inside the car.

There’s even a house with a giant mailbox to Santa! If your kiddos write him a letter and include a return envelope, they’ll get a response! (Warning, the letters are a little bit formulaic, so if you have more than one kid and they’re super observant they might catch on!)

Plaza East Neighborhood

One of the most spectacular – and unique – places to take a walk this holiday season is in the Plaza East Neighborhood of Long Beach. Located off Studebaker and Wardlow, this display is truly something you have to experience!

What started as one house putting up a twinkle light covered PVC pipe archway over their sidewalk turned into a whole neighborhood getting into the spirit. Block after block of lighted arches will enchant kids (and adults) of all ages. (And they make a great pic for your IG!) The effect is nothing short of magical, and is a truly special place to visit this holiday season.

Signal Hill

Visit the top of Signal Hill to see both some great lights, a beautiful view of the city, and a truly unique Christmas Tree – the Signal Hill Radio Tower Tree. My kids always love driving to the top of Signal Hill any time of year, but when you can see the whole city lit up, it’s an extra special experience.

Long Beach Ranchos

Both Rancho Los Alamitos and Rancho Los Cerritos put up some beautiful decorations for Christmas. If you can attend one of their holiday events, you absolutely should! However, it’s also lovely to just visit anytime this holiday season. Check their event calendars for upcoming special events – like pictures with Santa!

Individual Houses

Long Beach is also host to some amazing houses or single blocks that are worthy of a trip if you want a treat for the eyes this holiday season! Sometimes it’s nice to just put on some PJs, hop in the car, and drive around listening to holiday tunes and looking at lights. So check out these Christmas light destinations in Long Beach.

Epic Lights and Music in DeForest

The absolute single best house this holiday season is found in North Long Beach in the DeForest Neighborhood. Located on Adair St. between Linden and Elm, this house has EVERYTHING. An amazing light display, complete with singing light bulbs make this house worth the drive! Tune into 107.7FM to watch the lights dance in time to the music! It is unlike anything else you’ll find in town and is absolutely an epic adventure.

Inflatables in Cal Heights

If you love inflatables, you might want to take a trip to Cal Heights. They’ve really embraced that inflatable life. Two of my kids favorite houses are on the corners of Walnut Ave. and 36th St. The whole neighborhood has a lot of holiday spirit, so you could definitely park and take a walk around, but you don’t want to miss the house my kids call the “Merry Merry House” because of all their decorations.

Are there some great houses that deserve a shout out in your neighborhood? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out and add them to our list this year.

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