The Best Places to Swim in Long Beach

Need to cool down? You’re in luck- there are TONS of great places to swim in Long Beach! Read on for a full list of our favorites.

Temperatures are creeping up, and with many in Long Beach living without AC, it gets HOT both inside and outside!

One of the best ways to cool down is by throwing yourself into some water and getting some relief from the heat.

Luckily, we know exactly where to swim in Long Beach. Whether you want a pool, beach, or just a place to splash around, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best places to swim in Long Beach.

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Kids Swim Teams in Long Beach

If your kid has been taking swim lessons for a while, you might wondering, is my kid ready to be on a swim team? If yes, it’s time to find a swim team for kids in Long Beach! Here are the best kids swim teams in Long Beach.

My kids started swim lessons as babies. They were soon rolling and floating, rocking big arms, and confidently spending the summer in the pool. Eventually, they plateaued and it felt ridiculous to keep spending big bucks on lessons. Which is when we decided to switch from swim lessons to swim team.

We researched every swim team in – and around – Long Beach before picking one. So whether you’re ready to join now or just starting to look into it, these are the best kids swim teams in Long Beach (and nearby!)

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Public Pools Near Long Beach

Looking for a way to cool off this summer? Check out this list of public pools in Long Beach (or near Long Beach!) with recreation swim hours.

My kids LOVE to swim. It will keep them occupied longer than just about anything else- not to mention that it’s so good for their health, too.

So swimming in the summer is a top priority for our family.

The only downside? We don’t have a pool.

Which means we have gotten pretty familiar with the public pools around us!

If you are looking for a place to swim in Long Beach this summer, we’ve got you! Keep reading for the full list of public pools near Long Beach to get your aquatic fix.

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Swim Lessons in Long Beach

Looking for swim lessons for kids in Long Beach? We’ve got a list of swim lessons for every level of swimmer, and every type of budget, in one handy place!

Swim lessons have always been REALLY important to both Jaymi and Christine, the moms behind LongBeachKids.com.

Christine has a pool, so infant water safety is on the very top of her list.

And, since Jaymi’s husband doesn’t know how to swim, he’s always been very insistent that the kids learn how.

So we’ve done LOTS of research on where to find swim lessons in Long Beach, and we’ve tried lots of them too.

This list isn’t going to give you every bit of information about each swim lesson option here in Southern California, but it’ll point you in the direction of lots of amazing classes, groups, and private lessons to teach your kids to swim.

So let’s get to it- here’s our list of places to find swim lessons for kids in Long Beach (and the surrounding areas).

kids at swim lessons. text reads: swim lessons in long beach

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