Swim Lessons in Long Beach

Looking for swim lessons for kids in Long Beach? We’ve got a list of swim lessons for every level of swimmer, and every type of budget, in one handy place!

Swim lessons have always been REALLY important to both Jaymi and Christine, the moms behind LongBeachKids.com.

Christine has a pool, so infant water safety is on the very top of her list.

And, since Jaymi’s husband doesn’t know how to swim, he’s always been very insistent that the kids learn how.

So we’ve done LOTS of research on where to find swim lessons in Long Beach, and we’ve tried lots of them too.

This list isn’t going to give you every bit of information about each swim lesson option here in Southern California, but it’ll point you in the direction of lots of amazing classes, groups, and private lessons to teach your kids to swim.

So let’s get to it- here’s our list of places to find swim lessons for kids in Long Beach (and the surrounding areas).

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A Quick Note About Kids’ Swim Lessons in Long Beach

Okay first up- we know swim lessons can get VERY expensive. In general, you’ll find that the younger kids are, the more expensive the lessons are.

If you can’t afford swim lessons, you can also give kids lots of experience on your own. Long Beach has tons of beaches and public pools where your kids can get comfortable in the water with you, and you can show them how it’s done.

For our circumstances, our kids needed swim lessons in order to be safe. If you can afford them, swim lessons do well in giving you peace of mind (while giving kids an important life skill, too).

What to Bring to Swim Lessons in Long Beach

What you’ll need to bring to swim lessons in Long Beach varies widely depending on where you’re planning to go. You should always check with your swim lesson provider to see what’s needed.

In general though, you can expect to pack the following, at a minimum:

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons in Long Beach

Most infant and toddler swim lessons in Long Beach will be held at specialty swim studios in the area.

You can also find some parent and me swim lessons offered through the city.

Head over to our sister site for a full list of what to bring with your to infant swim lessons.

Our top suggestion for swim lessons is actually in Los Alamitos, not Long Beach. But it is (fairly objectively speaking, here) the best:

Other infant swim lesson locations in Long Beach (or nearby):

  • Aquatic ExplorationsAlso located in Los Alamitos, and highly recommended by friends of ours. Similarly priced to Watersafe, but with slightly longer lessons.
  • Deep Blue Swim School We’ve also had several friends whose kiddos have learned to swim here, and it comes highly recommended. Two locations in Long Beach.
  • SafeSplash Swim School– Located at Bellflower and Stearns, SafeSplash Swim School offers swim lessons for kids ages 6 months and up.

Swim Lessons for Kids in Long Beach

If you have slightly older kids, you have lots more options for swim lessons.

And the good news is that these options tend to be a LOT less expensive.

Here are some places to look into for swim lessons for kids in Long Beach:

  • Long Beach Area YMCAs– Offering month long sessions, typically twice per week for 30 minutes. Ages preschool through swim team.
  • City of Lakewood– These sessions are for kids ages 2 and up. They run for two weeks at a time, Monday through Friday, for 30 minutes. These lessons are the most affordable we’ve seen.
  • City of Long Beach Swim lessons through the city of Long Beach are currently being run out of the various city pools. Lessons run from Parent and Me (6 months and up) through adult, are 25 minutes long (typically twice a week) and are fairly affordable.
  • LBCC Vikings Summer Swim Offered three days in a row for 45 minutes, these lessons are great refreshers for swimmers at beginning to advanced levels.

Looking for swim lessons in Long Beach CAN be tricky– but hopefully this list makes your options a little clearer!

Did we miss one? Tell us your favorite spot for swim lessons in Long Beach in the comments!

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