Good Neighbor Park in Long Beach

Looking for a big, shady park with free parking in Long Beach? Check out Good Neighbor Park in Long Beach, adjacent to the Regional Park (and the El Dorado Library Branch!)

Have you had the chance to visit Good Neighbor Park in Long Beach yet?

It’s near the El Dorado Regional Park, but without the entrance fee or long drive to the playground.

Nestled in between soccer fields, baseball fields, a skate park, and a frisbee golf course, there is SO much to do in this large stretch of green.

Add in a visit to nearby El Dorado Library, and you’ve got your whole day planned out for you!

Here’s why we think you should visit Good Neighbor Park in Long Beach (and why your kids will love it so much).

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Planning a Visit

Good Neighbor Park is about as far east as you can go without crossing into Los Alamitos.

It’s nearby to errands (tons of shops are located nearby at Palo Verde and Spring), or you can plan a visit to the duck pond down the road or the library it shares a parking lot with.

Here’s the address, for your GPS purposes: 2800 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815

What is Parking Like?

Unlike nearby El Dorado Regional Park, parking at Good Neighbor is free and easy!

There is a large lot behind the Long Beach Parks building, just south of the Senior Center.

What Facilities are at Good Neighbor Park?

This park is HUGE, with lots of amenities for families with kids of all ages:

  • A gated little kid playground
  • A big kid playground
  • Multiple basketball courts
  • Several areas with swings
  • A large climbing rock
  • A “jeep” that kids looove to drive
  • A baseball field
  • A skate park
  • A disc golf course
  • Lots of green space
  • A senior center
  • Tennis courts

Is Good Neighbor Park gated?

The Big Kid park isn’t gated, but the Little Kid playground is gated.

There is a large structure to climb with several slides, as well as toddler swings inside the gated portion.

Just outside of the little kid playground is a large rock-climbing rock, next to a stationary jeep. Our kids have spent hours in this little Jeep over the years, at all ages.

Is Good Neighbor Park on a busy street?

While Studebaker is busy in stretches, the area near Good Neighbor Park is pretty calm.

How are the bathrooms at Good Neighbor Park?

As with most parks in Long Beach, the bathrooms are okay.

They are located a bit far from the playgrounds for my taste, between the community center and the disc golf course.

The bathrooms aren’t anything exciting, but they are generally clean enough and supplied with running water and toilet paper.

Does Good Neighbor Park have sand?

If sand is not your thing, this park is not for you!

While there is rubber padding under the Big and Little Kid structures, there is not way you’re getting out of this place without a shoe full of sand.

Is the Free Part of El Dorado Park accessible for kids of all abilities?

Unfortunately, Good Neighbor Park is not ideal for kids with physical disabilities. Everything is accessed by ladder or stairs.

Does Good Neighbor Park have shade?

This is one of the best parks in Long Beach because of the shade alone.

There are lots of different areas for the kids to alternate between, and almost all of them are under big, gorgeous trees.

How many swings are at Good Neighbor Park?

There are lots of swings at Good Neighbor Park! There is a long set with both big and little kid swings, and another set of two small swings near the Senior Center.

There are also two small swings in the toddler playground.

What is the best age range for Good Neighbor Park?

The Little Kid playground is PERFECT for kids 6 and under.

The larger playgrounds are perfect for kids up to age 11 or so.

The sports fields and green spaces work well for all ages, and the skate park is great for all ages (though you’ll usually see it used by teenagers).

It’s also a fun place to teach your kids how to play disc golf! The course usually isn’t too crowded, so it’s a good place to teach your kids how to play.

Is it a good place for a picnic?

We have had many, super fun picnics at Good Neighbor Park. Your best bet is to bring your own blanket, though, as the picnic tables are few and far between (and not near the playgrounds).

There are plenty of benches around though, so if you forgot your blanket you’ll still have a spot to rest while you eat your lunch.

Can you have parties at Good Neighbor Park?

Parties in Long Beach parks require a permit for groups of 25 or larger.

I’ve never seen a party set up near the playgrounds here, so I’m not sure if it’s technically allowed.

I do know that some of the only reservations-only party shelters in Long Beach are located behind Good Neighbor Park, down the road located between the park and the all weather soccer field. You can get information on how to reserve them here.

What do we love most about Good Neighbor Park?

My favorite thing about Good Neighbor Park is that it’s one of the few parks my kids have consistently loved, from toddlerhood to the big kid days.

I love that there is SO much space, and different areas for them to play. It gives them that illusion of privacy needed for some big pretend play, which I can still keep my eyes on them from just about anywhere.

The area near the jeep is a HUGE favorite for my kids, and sets this park apart. They also spend tons of time sitting on top of the rock wall, and it gives them a safe place to take a little risk.

There is also a cool metal climber here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. The kids climb it, use it as a fort, and use it as a house.

There’s so much to do at Good Neighbor Park. And with the feeling of seclusion, lots of space to spread out, and tons of shade, we think it’ll be a winner for your family too.

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