The Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Long Beach

Are your kids as obsessed with Pokemon Go as ours are? Or maybe it’s you who is obsessed? Either way, we’ve got the best places to play Pokemon Go in Long Beach, including the best Pokestops and Pokegyms and (where to get the best bang for your buck!)

Long Beach is a gorgeous town. Lots of scenery, lots of places to visit, and pretty perfect all year round.

Which makes it a great place to visit, but also a GREAT place to play PokemonGo.

Wondering where to play Pokemon Go in Long Beach? We’ve got a list of Pokestops in Long Beach, as well as Pokegyms in Long Beach.

Your hardest decision? Where to start looking first!

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Playing Pokemon Go in Long Beach

As always (and as that annoying disclaimer always says) it’s SUPER important to stay aware of your surroundings while playing Pokemon Go.

Watch where you’re going, stay off of private property, and never put yourself in hazardous conditions in order to catch a Pokemon.

Even if it’s the Eggexecutor your kids is inexplicably obsessed with.

The Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Long Beach

We are super lucky that Long Beach has favorable weather most of the year (and several touristy locations to play).

But whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are TONS of great places to play Pokemon Go.

Here are the best Pokestops in Long Beach, as far as we’re concerned:

Shoreline Park, near the lighthouse

Shoreline Park is generally considered to be the best place to play Pokemon Go in Long Beach. There are about 15 Pokestops and three Pokegyms in close proximity to each other.

And since it’s such a popular place to play Pokemon in Long Beach, you’ll almost always find that someone has set up a lure at one (or all) of the stops.

And since it’s near the water, you’ll probably find some neat Water Types while you’re there.


Located in East Long Beach, CSULB is exceedingly walkable. There are several Pokestops and Gyms close by, and lots of shady places to play.

Throw in a trip to the Japanese Gardens while you’re there- it’s truly a gorgeous spot!

2nd Street

Second Street in Long Beach is a great place to play Pokemon Go. It does often get busy, which can mean you’ll be navigating around lots of people.

However, there are tons of Pokestops and you can walk in a loop, getting in tons of KM.

El Dorado Park West/Good Neighbor Park

Another East Long Beach gem, Good Neighbor Park is a great place to play Pokemon Go in Long Beach. There are many Pokestops and a gym in walking distance.

The best part is the free WiFi from Long Beach parks is pretty consistent here, so you can play without using up your data if that’s an issue for you.

Bixby Park, off Cherry

Bunches of Pokestops and Gyms at this one. Though the park can get a little crowded and can have some eccentric characters, so make sure to stay aware while playing here.

Alamitos Beach Area

Located at what locals refer to as Horny Corner, this is a great beach to play, swim, paddleboard, and- as always- catch some Pokemon.

inflatables at bayshore in long beach

There is a gym in walking distance, several pokestops, and lots of water types.

Rosie the Riveter Park

This park is a tiny stretch of grass located by the east campus of Long Beach City College.

But with lots of Pokestops, two gyms, and a winding path, it’s an excellent place to play Pokemon GO.

Whaley Park

Many Pokemon Go players disagree with me on this one, but my kids and I love to play Pokemon Go at Whaley Park in Long Beach.

The park itself is fantastic, and there are tons of pokestops throughout. There is a gym located at the community center, and another across the street.

And if you’re limited on data, Whaley Park has consistent free wifi using the Long Beach Parks network.

Hilltop Park in Signal Hill

Hilltop Park in Signal Hill (near Discovery Well Park in Signal Hill) has lots of space to play Pokemon Go.

There are gorgeous views, eight pokestops, and three gyms. It’s a great place to play.

You can hike to the top of the hill (it’s a serious workout!) or just drive up there on your way through town.

If you’re looking for a great place to play Pokemon Go in Long Beach, this list should have you pretty well covered. Find a pokestop, a pokegym, and LOTS of pokemon right here in Long Beach- enjoying beautiful views as you go!

What do you think, Long Beach Locals? Where did we forget to mention? We’d love to hear your favorite places to play in the comments!

Looking for more local fun? These parks are great for playing Pokemon Go-

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