Pony Rides in Long Beach

Looking for some great pony rides in Long Beach? Or wondering if there are any horseback riding lessons in Long Beach? You’re in luck! Across from Long Beach Towne Center, on the Lakewood/Long Beach border, is an amazing equestrian center! Go on a pony ride, take a riding lesson, or have a birthday at this amazing hidden gem of Long Beach!

Anytime we go to a fair or carnival, my kids love to go on a pony ride. But at fair and carnival prices? I say “no” much more often than I say “yes.”

Once you pay for the ride (that’s over in 2 minutes) and then a big upcharge just to take a picture, you’ve spent a LOT of money. Have more than one kid? Forget about it! Pony rides at a reasonable price are hard to find!

So we were thrilled to find affordable pony rides in Long Beach. Whether you’re taking one child or a fun family outing, there’s something for everyone at Ponytime at the Lakewood Equestrian Center!

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Planning a Visit

Lakewood Equestrian Center is located across the street from Long Beach Towne Center, right on the border of Lakewood and Long Beach. You’ve probably driven by it a hundred times, but you might not have noticed it!

For mapping purposes, the address is: 11369 Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90715

Ponytime is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm.

How much does Lakewood Equestrian Center cost?

The cost of the Lakewood Equestrian Center varies greatly depending on what you want to do. There’s a small entrance fee of $2 per person. Then the rest of the activities are priced individually. Pony rides are available daily, unicorn and trotting rides are available on weekends only. There are also some longer rides available by appointment only.

At the time of this posting, the prices were displayed as following:

What is there to do at Lakewood Equestrian Center?

Pony Rides

The classic “Big Draw” at Ponytime is the pony rides. There’s a nice sized path for the ponies to follow, as opposed to a small circle where they ponies are all tethered. Also, you can also walk your child’s pony, which is great for nervous, first time riders. Each ride is a generous 5 times around the path, so you definitely get your monies worth.

And – the best part – you can take all the pictures you want at no extra charge!

And Ponytime doesn’t JUST offer pony rides, but you can also get a “Unicorn” ride on the weekends! My daughters love the pretty ponies with rainbow hair. But don’t forget that they only walk the unicorns on weekends or you might have a very sad kiddo! (Trust us on this one!)

Feed the Goats and Horses

For an additional fee, you can purchase food for the goats and alpacas. There are several sizes of cups of food available, so you can start small if you aren’t sure your kids will enjoy feeding the goats.

If you’ve ever been to a petting zoo, you’ll know hungry goats can be a bit overwhelming! At Ponytime, while you can feed goats, this isn’t a true petting zoo. The goats are inside a pen, and guests stay outside. That way, your kids can take a step back from the goats if they need (something especially helpful for younger visitors).

There is also a bucket of carrots at the ticket booth. For a donation, your child can grab a couple carrots to feed to the horses.

Horseback Riding Lessons

If your child loved their pony ride, you can also take Horseback riding lessons at the Lakewood Equestrian Center. By appointment only, your child can try their hand at a trail ride and learn how to care for the ponies. For $40, your child’s Pony Class will include brushing, saddling, and riding instruction.

Is Lakewood Equestrian Center good for parties?

Parties at the Lakewood Equestrian Center are always a hit with kids! We’ve been to several. Unlike some repeat party locations, my kids are always excited to go back for another party there. There’s a large (and beautiful!) grassy area where you can play party games, set up tables, and enjoy food and cake.

Party guests will be able to ride the ponies, feed the goats, and enjoy the facilities through the duration of your party. For more information about booking a party, visit the Ponytime Facebook page.

Does Lakewood Equestrian Center have bathrooms?

Lakewood Equestrian Center has a port-a-potty. And full disclosure – I’ve never used it. They also have a rustic hand washing station that’s essentially a hose and some soap over a bucket. But it fits the theme and does the job! So you’ll definitely be able to wash your hands after touching the animals – without having to go into a bathroom.

How long should you expect to stay?

This depends largely on how long your kids like to feed goats. Seriously. My kids could hang with the goats all day, and I usually have to drag them away. However, I’ve also seen other kids that can give the goats and horses a courtesy helping and then be ready to leave.

If you think kids may fizzle on the goats bit, have them do goats BEFORE riding the ponies, so they still have something to look forward to. There’s also a beautiful grassy area if you have one child that would rather sit in the shade and read and another that would like to look at animals for an hour. (Like I do!)

Why We Love Pony Time

We love Pony Time because our kids love pony rides, and this makes it easy, convenient, and affordable! It’s easy to say “yes” to our kids and give them an amazing day full of fun. Plus, it keeps us outdoors, off screens, enjoying animals and nature. We’re so lucky to have the best pony rides in Long Beach and we know you’ll love them too!

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