Best Bike Paths for Kids in Long Beach

One of our favorite family activities is taking a neighborhood bike ride. If you’re looking for a place to ride, you’ll love our list of best bike paths for kids in Long Beach.

My family rides our bikes a lot. We ride around the neighborhood, we ride to nearby parks, we ride to close family members homes. We ride so much we had to start looking for new fun places to ride our bikes.

Luckily, Long Beach has a ton of fun recreational opportunities and a surprising amount of green space for a big city. Long Beach also prides itself on being a “Bike Friendly Community” with lots of bike lanes and spaces created for riding bikes.

And while, as adults, we love all the bike lanes, sometimes our kids need something a bit more protected.

From parks to beach paths, to right in your own neighborhood, there are a ton of great places to ride bikes with kids in Long Beach.

El Dorado Park

We love riding bikes in El Dorado Park because there’s a LOT of ground to cover! So if you want to find wide open spaces for younger riders that aren’t confident on a big path yet – you can! Alternatively, if you want to do a long ride in a safe area, you can as well!

El Dorado Park boasts a 4 mile bikeway through the regional park. Along your route, you can stop at one of the playgrounds for extra fun. You can also take a rest and enjoy a snack by the lake. This fun, safe, bike ride will become a favorite for your kids!

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Heartwell Park

Heartwell Park is a great place to go for a walk, play after visiting the local Bach library, feed ducks and go for a bike ride. Best of all, it’s centrally located off Carson St and stretching from Clark to Palo Verde, so it’s usually pretty easy to add a stop there to your itinerary!

It’s also a great place to bring your bikes! With a 2.5 mile bike path right through the middle of the park, younger riders can get in a ride without being too close to traffic. In our experience, it’s also not generally used by super competitive cyclists that may be a little speedy. Your child will be sharing the bikeway with some riders – or runners – so make sure to teach them how to ride responsibly!

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Shoreline Bike Path

One of the benefits of Long Beach is being so close to well, a long beach! Stretching from Alamitos Bay to Shoreline Village, you’ll find over 3 miles of bike path. This is one of the more frequently used bike paths in the city, so you’ll definitely want to practice on some of the lesser used paths to get your kids ready for this adventure.

If your kids are ready, you’ll love riding along the beach with the wind in your hair! Schedule a stop along the path to play at Junipero Beach Playground and grab a breakfast burrito at Saltwater Deck. You won’t regret it!

Smaller Bike Paths

We’re fortunate that Long Beach not only has ample bike lanes and major bike paths through the city, but many smaller parks feature them as well. If you’re looking to let your kids do some smaller loops, check out these parks!

  • Rosie the Riveter Park – On the corner of Clark and Conant, this park is a memorial with a nice path. It doesn’t have a playground, so it’s not frequently used and the path is a great place to practice riding a bike. It is flanked by two busy streets, but the path doesn’t go too near them.
  • Rynerson Park – This park has a nice wide bike path that’s one mile long. It’s very protected and a great place to learn to ride!
  • Channel View Park – Beginning at 6332 E 5th St, this bike path follows along the Los Cerritos Channel. It’s a remote path and very secluded from traffic.
  • C. David Molina Park – Located in North Long Beach, this park has a great new playground and has a fitness path along the perimeter. While designed as a walking path, it can definitely be used by smaller riders as a great place to practice.

Kidical Mass Monthly Bike Ride

Kidical Mass is a fun group bike ride through the Bixby Knolls/Cal Heights/Virginia Country Club area. With seasonal themes and costumes, music and even treats after the ride, this is one of the most fun bike opportunities for kids in town. The monthly bike event is usually held on the last Sunday of the month in Bixby Knolls. For information about their next ride, make sure to join the Kidical Mass BK Facebook group here.

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