Best Libraries Near Long Beach

We love ALL the libraries. With so many resources, kids’ activities, and freebies, you really can’t go wrong. But let’s be honest- some are better than others. Here are the best libraries near Long Beach.

Southern California has a LOT going for it. Beaches, parks, museums- there’s no shortage of entertainment.

But all of those things take a whole lot of effort, and some of them are downright expensive. Sometimes you just need an easy, free, quiet activity.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

There are so many really good libraries near Long Beach. Sure, they all offer books and computer access. But some of them just have a little something extra.

Read on for our list of the best libraries in Long Beach. Did your favorite make the cut?

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What Can You Do at the Long Beach Public Library?

Long Beach has a large network of public libraries run by the city. All of them offer book, CD, and movie checkouts, and all of them have computer access.

You can also make use of the interlibrary loan program to easily get materials from another library delivered to your local branch. Reserve materials online or in person, and they’ll arrive at your nearest branch in just a couple of days.

Here are some of the perks at the Long Beach Public Libraries:

  • Checkout books (duh!)
  • Checkout magazines
  • Borrow CDs and Movies
  • Borrow National Parks Passes
  • Checkout laptops, tablets, and WiFi hotspots
  • Use the computer
  • Earn rewards through library programs (In n Out cards in the fall, challenges through Beanstack, etc)
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Receive free, age appropriate learning materials (follow the library on Facebook to get details as they come out)
  • Attend a stortytime
  • Attend library events (such as movie nights, craft days, etc). Check the calendar for information.

The Best Libraries in Long Beach

We love every library we’ve ever visited, for all the amazing resources they offer (and all the free fun!) But some of our local libraries are much older than others, which means some are way more fun than others.

Your local library is going to be just perfect for everyday use, but sometimes you want to visit the best library near you for a little extra pizzazz.

In our opinion, these are the best libraries in Long Beach:

Michelle Obama Library

Located in North Long Beach, the Michelle Obama Library is one of the newer libraries in Long Beach.

It’s got a large children’s area, our favorite kids’ librarian, and computers available for kids use.

There is also a large community garden out front, where kids can look at vegetables and even take some home.

Michelle Obama Library is located at 5870 Atlantic Ave.Long Beach, CA 90805.

Billie Jean King Main Library

The Billie Jean King Main Library is newly remodeled and is absolutely gorgeous.

Parking can be difficult, but a large children’s section makes it worth it. It’s also the location that hosts The Studios, a space with special classes and equipment (like sewing machines, 3D printers, and audio equipment).

We also love it’s proximity to Lincoln Park, a super fun playground that’s basically in BJK Main’s backyard.

Billie Jean King Main Library is located at 200 W. BroadwayLong Beach, CA 90802

Libraries with Nearby Parks

Okay, so these libraries themselves are pretty standard. They’ll have your regular collection of kids’ books, magazines, movies, and CDs, and probably some computers to use.

They also have great storytimes.

But the real perk, in our opinion, is their proximity to parks. It turns a quick library trip into a longer outing.

  • Bach Library, Located at 4055 N. Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90808: This library is located in Heartwell Park, with a great bike path. There is a cute little duck pond located just west of the library. If you cross the street at Bellflower, there is a small playground within walking distance as well.
  • El Dorado Library, Located at 2900 Studebaker Rd.Long Beach, CA 90815: El Dorado Library is within walking distance of Good Neighbor Park, one of our favorite shady playgrounds in Long Beach.

The Other Libraries in Long Beach

We don’t want to leave out Long Beach’s other neighborhood libraries, which are all pretty awesome just as they are.

You can find the complete list, with locations in each part of Long Beach, at the LBPL website.

Best Libraries Near Long Beach

If you’re willing to go outside of Long Beach a bit, there are lots of other good libraries to explore in nearby cities.

Some of them are even cooler than ours (but don’t tell our beloved Long Beach libraries that we said so).

Here are our favorites.

Cerritos Library

The Cerritos Library is truly special. You won’t be able to check out books without being a Cerritos resident (or a $100 per year fee), but you’ll forget all the books once you’re there.

The children’s section has a huge dinosaur statue, a hideout to read books in, and a full on aquarium-size fish tank.

There is also a dolphin splash pad in front of the library, so bring an extra set of clothes!

The Statue Garden is in the same parking lot, and is a fantastic place to take a picnic lunch.

The Cerritos Library is located at 18025 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703.

Signal Hill Library

Signal Hill Library is newly revamped, and it’s GORGEOUS. There’s tons of free parking, a large children’s area, and a huge dinosaur sculpture the kids will love.

It’s also located in the same parking lot as a park, so you can extend your play.

Signal Hill Library is located at 1800 E. Hill St., Signal Hill, CA 90755.

So there you have it, a list of the best libraries in Long Beach (and around Long Beach, too!). But when it comes to libraries, you really can’t go wrong. It’s free, educational, and lots of fun for the kids.

What’s your favorite library in Long Beach? Tell us in the comments!

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