Baker Street Park

One of my favorite things to do if I have time to kill is open Google Maps and searching for a playground near me. Which is exactly how I happened to find the hidden gem of Baker Street Park in Wrigley.

Located off all major streets, but right behind the 405 and 710 Freeways, Baker Street Park is safe and tucked away while being super accessible! We love that it’s secluded – and we often have the playground all to ourselves!

We hope you’ll explore new parks and try out Baker Street Park in Wrigley too! Here’s everything you need to know for your first visit to Baker Street Park!

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Planning a visit to Baker Street Park?

Baker Street Park is located in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach. It’s nestled in a quiet neighborhood just south of the 405 Freeway and east of the LA River.

Baker Street Park is located at 625 Baker Street, Long Beach, 90806.

How is Parking at Baker Street Park?

There is no dedicated parking lot for Baker Street Park, and interestingly enough, you can’t park on Baker Street. However, there’s plenty of safe and convenient street park on Golden Ave. where Baker Street dead ends.

What Facilities are at Baker Street Park?

Baker Street Park is a pretty stand alone playground, so if you’re looking for a full day at a park, this probably isn’t the right choice for you. But if you need a break between errands or a park to kill an hour or so, then Baker Street Park has just about everything you need!

Baker Street Park amenities include:

  • Picnic Areas
  • Universally Accessible Playground
  • Walking Path

Is Baker Street Park Gated?

Baker Street Park is not an enclosed park.

Is Baker Street Park on a Busy Street?

One of my favorite things about Baker Street park is how safe and secluded it is. It’s located at the dead ends of Baker Street and Golden Avenue, and both streets have very low traffic volume.

How are the bathrooms at Baker Street Park?

There are no bathrooms at Baker Street Park. Depending on how old your kids are this could be a big problem! However, it’s a small enough park that you probably won’t be spending all day there, so you should be okay if you plan ahead.

Does Baker Street Park Have Sand?

Baker Street Park is a sand free park, which we personally love! However, my Croc loving kids do NOT love it. At least, not when they’re wearing Crocs. Baker Street Park has a wood chip base, so we recommend wearing tennis shoes when you visit.

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Is Baker Street Park Accessible for Kids of All Abilities?

Baker Street Park has been designed as a universally accessible playground. As such, some features are accessible for kids of all abilities. The structure isn’t very tall and isn’t geared at climbing but rather has a low grade ramp that’s wide enough for wheelchair access. There are also pretend play elements on the ground level. These can be reached via the wood chips, which is theoretically wheelchair friendly, but can be difficult if uneven.

Does Baker Street Park Have Shade?

The playground at Baker Street Park is in direct sunlight, so make sure to lather up with sunscreen before you go! There is also not a ton of shade surrounding the playground, so you may want to visit this park early in the day or in the early evening when the sun won’t be as hot and direct.

Baker Street Park is also a relatively young park, so while the grassy area in the middle of the walking tree isn’t shaded yet, there are lots of juvenile trees growing that we hope will be shading this area in the years to come!

How Many Swings are at Baker Street?

Understandably, this will be a deal breaker for some folks. There are no swings at Baker Street Park. However, for this Mama that’s a little tired of standing in the sun pushing swings? Lack of swings is a HUGE BONUS. And to be honest? My kids didn’t seem to mind! They were happy enjoying the other features of Baker Street Park.

What is the Best Age Range for Baker Street Park?

The posted age range for Baker Street Park is 5 to 12 years of age. However, in our experience this playground is geared towards younger children, including toddlers and even babies. The wide ramps and handrails made this park baby friendly for even the newest walkers. There are no giant slides or huge staircases to climb.

There is also a lot to explore at the ground level, making it a wonderful place for tiny ones to play. Both the pretend play areas and the drums will keep babies and toddlers entertained while older kids test out their balance on other parts of the playground.

Of course, the wood chips can be a choking hazard for toddlers still putting everything in their mouths, so it’s always important to keep an eye on little ones.

Having a Picnic at Baker Street Park

Baker Street Park has a nice area with several picnic tables. These picnic tables are a great place to park your things or pack a lunch or snack. They are clean and in good condition and there are plenty of them for such a small sized park.

Can You Have a Party at Baker Street Park?

While you can have a party at Baker Street Park, we recommend finding a larger park if you’re looking to have a party. There are no large shaded areas that you may want on a long day, and the absence of bathrooms would make this a challenging venue – especially for a children’s party.

What do we Love Most About Baker Street Park?

Frankly, I love that this cute little park exists. Found one day when I had about an hour to kill, I was thrilled to come across this playground.

Fun Features

While Baker Street Park is small, it also has some really fun features that our kids loved. This untraditional rock wall was a fun challenge for our kids. With foot and hand holds on both sides, the curved walls provide for as little – or as much – challenge as you’re ready for. Plus, it looks like something I might tell my kids NOT to climb if we weren’t at a park, so it was extra alluring!

Baker Street Park also has not one, but TWO different opportunities to spin. One spinner is a flat disk you can sit, stand or kneel on. This spinner is curved so you can sit, in hold on tight, and get ready to go FAST. My four year old definitely needed some help stopping the spin, but then wanted to go again and again!

For such a small structure, there were elements my kids didn’t see everywhere, which was also great. New ways to balance, pretend play and interesting shapes to crawl through are a great way to give kids new opportunities to practice their gross motor skills. Plus, it’s always nice to just mix up your playground adventures!

Surprisingly Beautiful Scenery

Yes, if you look hard or listen not too closely, you’ll see and hear the busy freeway. But, the aesthetic at the park is really beautiful. We took a little walk, looked at the plant life, chased some squirrels and absolutely delighted over finding a lizard. Take a seat on one of the many park benches and relax and enjoy the view while your little ones play!

We are so glad to have stumbled upon Baker Street Park, and we hope you’ll check it out as well!

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