Tips for Visiting Reservoir Park in Signal Hill

Looking for a fun playground with lots of opportunities for climbing and creative play? Check out Reservoir Park in Signal Hill with your kids for lots of fun.

Long Beach and the surrounding areas – like Signal Hill – are home to some amazing parks, and Reservoir Park is no exception. At nearly 3 acres, Reservoir Park has a great playground, as well as a picnic shelter, workout equipment, and plenty of green space for kids to run around.

There are lots of reasons to visit Reservoir Park in Signal Hill – and here are some of our favorites.

Planning a visit to Reservoir Park?

Reservoir Park is located on the border of Signal Hill and Long Beach, just across from the cozy and quiet Cal Heights neighborhood. It’s a large park with a centrally located playground surrounded by open space and picnic shelters.

Reservoir Park is located at 3315 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755.

How is Parking at Reservoir Park?

There isn’t a dedicated parking lot near Reservoir Park, so all parking is on residential side streets. Make sure to check all street signs, as some of the nearby parking is for residents with a parking pass only.

What Facilities are at Reservoir Park?

Reservoir Park is a smaller park in terms of facilities. For instance, you won’t find any large sports courts – but this also means that this park is used primarily by families visiting the playground. That’s not to say that Reservoir Park is lacking if you’re looking for a great playground.

Here are some of the amenities:

  • Large playground
  • Barbeque areas
  • Picnic tables
  • Picnic shelter (available for rent)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Restrooms

Is Reservoir Park Gated?

Unfortunately, Reservoir Park is not enclosed. However, there is a footpath around the perimeter of the playground, so there’s a built in “boundary” for your kids. There are a few benches along this path as well so we like to grab one of these seats to help prevent escaping.

Is Reservoir Park on a Busy Street?

Reservoir Park is located on Wardlow, which is a busier street. However, the surrounding side streets are not busy. While not enclosed, the playground portion of the park is situated farther from the street.

How are the bathrooms at Reservoir Park?

Yes, there are bathrooms at Reservoir Park. They are standard public park bathrooms, meaning they have running water and toilets, but usually no soap.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use the restroom, the folks at Hole Mole, about a block away at the cross streets of Wardlow and Orange, have always been generous.

Does Reservoir Park Have Sand?

Leave your buckets and shovels at home because Reservoir Park is a completely sand free park! This park has completely rubberized surfaces, which we love because our kiddos don’t track sand home and they are more likely to be happy keeping their shoes on!

Is Reservoir Park Accessible for Kids of All Abilities?

Reservoir Park is somewhat accessible for kids with mobility issues. While there are lots of areas to climb, there are also lower areas for accessible play.

There is a high back swing seat providing vestibular therapy and sensory integration for children and adults with special needs.

Does Reservoir Park Have Shade?

The playground at Reservoir Park does not have any shade, so be sure to wear sunscreen! However, there is a lot of area surrounding the park with large trees providing shade. We love to bring a picnic blanket and camp out a spot on the grass under one of these large trees. This provides great respite on those super hot days.

How Many Swings are at Reservoir Park?

Reservoir Park has two baby swings, one traditional swing, and one ADA swing.

What is the Best Age Range for Reservoir Park?

In addition to the swings, Reservoir Park has two playgrounds. The significantly larger playground is recommended for kids 5 to 12 years old. It has ample opportunities for climbing, sliding and creative play for more adventurous kids.

The play structure for toddlers is much smaller, but there is a lot of fun things to do in that one little structure. It has multiple ways to climb, a small slide, opportunities to make music with drums, even a tiny race track built in – so bring some Hot Wheels with you! For a small area, it has entertained our kids for hours!

Both playgrounds are in the same area though, so it’s very convenient if you have children of different ages and abilities.

There is also ample grass space for older kids and teens to hang out, play games like tag, catch, or Frisbee. Ours love hanging out by the giant trees and exploring.

Having a Picnic at Reservoir Park

There are lots of picnic tables scattered around the perimeter of the playground, including one picnic shelter.

There is also a lot of lush grass under large trees providing a great spot to break out a picnic blanket and sit in the shade.

Can You Have a Party at Reservoir Park?

Reservoir Park is often very busy on the weekends, as it’s a super popular spot for parties.

You can reserve either the picnic shelter and/or jumper space for parties with a maximum of 50 guests. (Note that shelter rentals are limited to 4 hours).

While this park borders Long Beach just across the street, it is technically in Signal Hill. There are separate resident and non-resident rates, so if you know someone that’s a resident of Signal Hill, you may want to see if they will help you make the reservation.

What do we Love Most About Reservoir Park?

I love Reservoir Park because it’s close to a lot of places we have to go on errands. It’s near Target and ballet and Starbucks. But my kids love it because of it’s many kid-friendly features. Here’s a breakdown of the best things about Reservoir Park:

Realistic Rock Climbing

My kids call Reservoir Park “Rock Climbing Park” because it’s got a ton of fantastic features that are built to look like real rock climbing walls. There are easier areas for beginning climbers and some more challenging walls for advanced climbers. Our kids love the realistic look of the walls – and the excitement of taking on the challenge!

Attention to Detail

Within those realistic rock walls are some super cool features There’s an area between the rock walls where the kids will sit and hang out. Full disclosure, they’ve given me a scare when I couldn’t find them for a minute! But I also love this built in area where they can have a clubhouse type of vibe.

There’s even more hidden within those rock walls though! My kids have gone on scavenger hunts to find small bugs and animals hidden within the design details of the rocks. Look closely and you’ll find some awesome fossil details as well! Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I overheard my son and his friends talking about all they learned in school about fossils while they were at the playground! Big bonus points on these cool details.

Variety of Slides

What goes up must come down! So once our kids climb those rock walls, they love all the ways they can come back down to try again. From a long spinning slide, to an intermediate slide – even a super fun slide on rollers- there’s something for everyone! And yes, there was a little slide on the toddler structure as well.

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