Cheap Kids’ Treats in Long Beach

Want to grab a cheap treat with your kiddos while you’re out and about, without breaking the bank? Check out these great cheap kids’ treats in Long Beach (or near it)!

When my kids were little, I would take my daughter on little adventures each weekend while her brother took a nap. Sometimes it was things like visiting the library or running an errand, but sometimes I wanted to treat her to something special.

The problem? These little adventures could add up to big expenses over time!

So after some research and a little trial and error, we found that there are some good, cheap kids’ treats in Long Beach. By taking advantage of the different hours and locations, we could enjoy a special sweet without breaking the bank.

Here are our favorite places to take kids to get dessert in Long Beach (on a budget!)

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Where are the best places to get dessert for kids in Long Beach?

Okay, there are two schools of thought on what counts as “the best.” Are we taking scrumptious, indulgent, and expensive? Or are we talking cheap, easy, and accessible?

When dealing with kids, I’m inclined to go for that second one.

Should you be taking advantage of these cheap, easy treats all the time? Probably not. But it is an easy way to make a boring day exciting, and to slip in a little extra fun.

Cheap Kids’ Treat Deals on Drinks

  • Slurpees at 711– My kids love to pour their own treat (and sometimes mix up the flavors), with a cost of about a dollar for the smallest size.
  • Happy Hour at Taco Bell– From the hours of 2-5 pm, Taco Bell basically gives away it’s slushes for $1 a piece (all medium size drinks are included)
  • Frozen Cokes at Burger King– In the summer, the frozen cokes (and cherry flavored slushes!) are just aone dollar for the smallest size.
  • Happy Hour at Sonic– Sonic is a DRIVE (check out the SoCal locations), but when we’re in the area, we always stop by between 2 and 5 pm for a half price slush. (Brings the price down to about $1.50 for the small size)

Where to Get Deals on Ice Cream for Kids

  • Handels at LBX- Handel’s ice cream is DELICIOUS, but not known for being cheap. However, if your kids like the same flavor, they can split a single cone (it’s more than enough for two, though you may need to pay for another cone). You can also grab a four scoop sampler for just $7 dollars, and let everyone pick their own flavor.
  • Mini Shakes at Del Taco- These $1 treats are absolutely adorable, and the perfect size for little hands. Available in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
  • Wendy’s Frosty– In both chocolate and vanilla, the Jr. Size Frosty is the perfect little treat, and will run you about a dollar. (They also sell a tag that gets you a free mini frosty with every purchase, and sell cheap booklets full of Frosty Coupons at Halloween)
  • Baskin Robbins’ on the 31st- The price changes so often I can’t really keep up, but there is almost always a decent discount on scoops of ice cream on the 31st of each month. (Join their birthday club for free scoops in your birthday month, too!)
  • Yogurtland- Is there anything more indulgent than pouring your own ice cream and adding ALL the toppings? Pour for your kids to save a little cash (and wait for coupons, or follow your favorite Yogurtland on Facebook to watch for special deals)

Best Donuts for Kids in Long Beach

  • Mini Sprinkle Donuts at Yum Yum- These mini baby donuts are so dang CUTE your kids are unlikely to complain about how they’re smaller than they’re used to.
  • Decorative Donuts at Granny’s Donuts in Lakewood– Coming in hot with adorable decor (think unicorns, cats, and other kid-friendly items), your kids will definitely be swept up in the adorableness of these donuts.
  • Simone’s Donuts– A Long Beach CLASSIC. Cheap, decicious, and ALWAYS fresh (plus they always throw in some extra donut holes). Our kids love the cronut and the chocolate chip tiger tail.

Other Cheap Treats for Kids in Long Beach

  • Cotton Candy at Chuck E Cheese- Whether it’s grabbing it for them when they’re not with you, or adding it onto an already fun visit to the Chuck, their cotton candy is cheap AND tasty.
  • Cake Pops at Starbucks- It’s my favorite way to sneak in a coffee for ME, but let them think it’s for THEM.
  • Churros at Costco- Hit up the food court for a big old, cinnamony sugary churro for just $1.50 (I’m told they went up in price a bit!)

Savory Treats for Kids in Long Beach

  • $2.99 Kids Meals at Red Robin on Wednesdays– Snag a yummy kids meal for just $3 on Wednesdays- that’s cheaper than a happy meal!
  • Target Popcorn- The Signal Hill Target (the one that’s actually closer to Bixby Knolls, but I digress) still has a food court with popcorn in it! (May vary during present times). For a couple of bucks, we can turn a Target run into a yummy snacktime, too.
  • Costco Food Court- The food court wins again for a cheap hot dog or HUGE slice of pizza (ask them to cut it in half for you before they serve it to you!) can make for a cheap and easy lunch date.

It’s easy to spoil your kids a little when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Work your way through this list of cheap treats for kids in Long Beach (slowly. Ha!) to give your kids a little more variety, and a LOT more fun.

Where did we miss? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!

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