Free Things to Do With a Baby in Long Beach

Looking for cheap or free things to do with a baby in Long Beach? Check out this list of sweet outings with a baby near Long Beach for ideas of how to keep your little one (and yourself!) entertained.

So you have this beautiful little baby, and you’re in the sweet spot where you have some time off work. But what do you actually DO with the baby all day?

They sleep a lot, and eat a lot…and then what?

If you’re anything like us, new moms will get a little stir crazy from time to time. Not to mention- your budget may be a little leaner than it used to be. Your baby is probably content to be at home, but are you?

If not, you’re probably looking for some free things to do with a baby in Long Beach (or anywhere, for that matter).

Here are some free activities to do with a baby in Long Beach. Which ones have you tried so far?

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A Note About Free Things to Do with a Baby in Long Beach

In Southern California, we are INCREDIBLY lucky to have pleasant weather most of the year. There are lots of ways to get outside with your little one.

As of this posting, it is believed that outside is a safer alternative to indoor activities. Since babies are unable to practice some safety measures, you’ll have to use your best judgement when choosing an activity.

Free Outdoor Activities with Babies in Long Beach

El Dorado Nature Center

When our babies were small, we would strap them in carriers on in a jogging stroller and walk them through the trails at the Nature Center.

It was a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise, and get the babies into nature. Plan an outing with a friend, or just enjoy your time outside with your little on.

This one does have a fee for parking. However, when the babies were small and we were BROKE, we’d park at the El Dorado Library and walk the mile or so to the Nature Center to avoid paying for parking.

It’s a long walk, but it is an option!

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Walk the Beach Bike Path

The bike path located along the beach is a perfect place to get out with your infant. You can use a baby carrier (we were always partial to the Ergo) or a jogging stroller.

It’s pretty scenery for you, and that glorious, stimulating time outside for your little.

You can also plan your walk to coincide with naptime so that your little can nap on the go while you take a few deep breaths for yourself.

Take a Ride on the Baby Swings

We plopped our littles in baby swings as soon as they could sit up, with proper supervision (obviously).

There are great baby swings at almost every Long Beach park (we are partial to the ones at Bolivar Park, where there are so many of them, or the ones at Los Cerritos, which are under a sunshade)

We recommend bringing along a blanket or a shopping cart cover if it’s your first time. You can use these to prop your baby more safely in the seat if they’re still on the smaller side.

Visit a Duck Pond

This one is better if your baby is old enough to be able to, you know, see the ducks.

But if your baby is on the older side of infancy, they may love visiting a duck pond to look at the birds, geese, and turtles.

You can find duck ponds at El Dorado Park South, as well as at Heartwell Park, near the Bach Library.There is also a pretty epic duck pond at Heritage Park in Cerritos.

Other Things to Do with a Baby in Long Beach

Baby Storytimes

As of this posting, most baby storytimes in Long Beach are on pause. However, in normal circumstances, Long Beach offers fantastic storytime offerings for babies and toddlers.

Jaymi took her daughter Lila to her first storytime at 8 weeks old (she slept through it) just because she needed someplace to go. Lila, obviously, didn’t care. But Jaymi DID meet some friends that made motherhood a lot less lonely.

So even if your baby is “too little” to enjoy it, odds are you’ll both get something out of those free storytimes around Long Beach.

Free Swim Lessons at Watersafe!

Babies get FREE swim lessons at Watersafe Swim School, up until four months of age.

You can choose either a parent and me or private lesson for your baby, one lesson per week.

Will they learn to swim? No.

But will they love it, and will it give you a free activity to do with your baby near Long Beach? That’s a big old YES.

Free Trials of Parent and Me Classes

Okay, your baby is LITTLE, and your budget is too. You might not be able to sign up for regular parent and me classes.

However, places like MyGym, The Little Gym, and Gymboree all offer free trial classes of their “mommy” and me classes near Long Beach.

If we were you, we’d save these classes for when your kiddo is a little older (you only get the one!). However, if you’re really desperate for something to fill your days (We get it! we’ve been there!) this might work for you.

So there you have it, our list of TONS of free things to do with a baby in Long Beach. Space them out, or use them all every week- with free activities for babies, you don’t have to worry about going overboard and breaking the bank!

What other activities do you do with your baby in Long Beach? Tell us in the comments, and we might just add it to the list!

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