Stores with Kid-Size Shopping Carts in Long Beach

Why do kids universally love those tiny shopping carts so much? Whether it makes them feel like a miniature adult or just gives them a power trip, those little shopping carts can make your grocery trip SO much easier with kids in tow. Here’s where to find little shopping carts for kids in Long Beach.

When my kids were littler, we had a total love/hate relationship with those tiny shopping carts at grocery stores.

Essentially, my kids loved them. And I hated them.

But the fact that those tiny shopping carts can coax a kid who does not want to go grocery shopping into a total convert. And so here we are.

Here’s a list of grocery stores with kids’ shopping carts in Long Beach.

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Why Do Kids Love Little Shopping Carts So Much?

Look, we know these shopping carts are not for everyone. But they are almost universally loved by kids in Long Beach (and elsewhere).

If you cannot bear the thought of trying these little carts during an already hectic grocery trip, consider getting them a little shopping cart to play with at home.

You can also try these out on a visit to Pretend City in Irvine, where the Trader Joes mock-up shop has these available for kids to use.

Rules for Using Kids’ Shopping Carts at the Grocery Store

As with anything, it’s easiest if you set up some expectations before letting the kids lose anywhere.

Let alone with a tiny shopping cart full of terror.

Here are the rules we give our kids before letting them use the little shopping cart:

  • Walk while using the cart (aka no running)
  • Only add things to the cart with mom or dad’s permission
  • The cart may not touch anyone or anything
  • Two hands on the shopping cart at all times
  • If we cannot follow the shopping cart rules, mom will need to take over and we’ll try again next time. (AKA if you abuse it you lose it)

It’s also best to start these out on a small trip, like when you’re grabbing just a few items. They’re harder to manage if you’ve got a full cart of your own.

Stores with Kid-Sized Shopping Carts in Long Beach

Here are stores where we’ve spotted Kid-Sized Shopping Carts in Long Beach-

  • Trader Joes on Bellflower (at Stearns)
  • Trader joes in Bixby Knolls
  • Ralphs on Del Amo and Woodruff (Lakewood)
  • Ralphs at the Marina Pacifica
  • Amazon Fresh (Spring and Palo Verde)

Where Else are there Little Shopping Carts in Long Beach?

This list will evolve as we find them. Have you seen a store with small grocery carts in Long Beach? Tell us in the comments- we’d love to add them to the list!

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