Long Beach Concert in the Park

Long Beach Concert in the park is Back! Check out this list of dates and places you can attend a Concert in the Park this year for some great, free, family fun! Plus, we’ve compiled all our best tips for attending Concert in the Park with kids!

One of my favorite things about living in Long Beach is our summers full of family, friends and Concert in the Park. Growing up, I attended the same park where I now take my kids. And this event has the same excitement today that it still had 30 years ago.

The music is always exceptional and everyone always has a wonderful time making memories. And if you’re lucky, your kids will be worn out from all the running around having fun.

Concert in the Park is a long-standing tradition in Long Beach and one that you’ll want to add to your summer to-do list.

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What is Concert in the Park?

Long Beach has a few concert in the park options offered during the summer. But the quintessential Concert in the Park experience is a tradition over 100 years in the making! This FREE local event is a can’t miss activity for our family, and we know it would quickly become one for yours as well.

The headliner is the Long Beach Municipal Band – a band that’s been playing in Long Beach for 113 years, making it the longest running municipal band in the country! With weekly themes like “United We Stand” featuring patriotic tunes, “Cinema Classics” highlighting your favorite movie scores and “Let’s Dance” – you and your kids won’t be able to help but dance along.

While the music is always a highlight, Long Beach Concert in the Park also has that old school vibe to it. There are lots of kids of different ages running around, playing on a playground if it’s available, hanging with friends and just enjoying being outdoors (and off of screens!)

There are also a few local bands as well as amazing cover bands that make the rounds in our parks this summer. All of these FREE concerts will provide you with that wholesome family fun

Pick Your Concert

Concert in the Park is offered at a variety of parks across the city. All concerts start at 6:30 and are COMPLETELY FREE.

Long Beach Municipal Band

Make sure to check for the most current schedule, but for the Long Beach Municipal Band 2022 Summer Season the Concert in the Park schedule is:

  • Whaley Park – June 28 and July 5 
  • Bluff Park – July 12, 19 and 26 
  • Veterans Park – August 2 
  • Los Cerritos Park – Wednesdays, June 29 through August 3
  • Larry Curtis Concert Park at Marine Stadium Park – Thursdays, June 30 through August 4
  • El Dorado Park West – Fridays, July 1 through August 5

El Dorado Nature Center Summer Concert Series

The El Dorado Nature Center outdoor concerts will open for picnicking at 6:30 p.m. with live music from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. This series is available at no cost, however a $5 donation to the Friends of El Dorado Nature Center is encouraged.

  • June 16 – Big City Hillbillies (dance and swing)
  • June 30 – Steel Parade (island and calypso)
  • July 14 – The Salty Suites (acoustic and instrumental)
  • July 28 – Sligo Rags (Celtic, jazz and Bluegrass)
  • August 11 – Corday (classic rock)
  • August 5 – Big City Hillbillies (dance and swing)
  • August 25 – JP McDermott & Western Bop (rockabilly)

Tips for Enjoying Concert in the Park

As much as Long Beach Concert in the Park is a beloved family tradition for us, it takes a bit of work, luck, and strategy to make it a truly enjoyable evening.

Get There Early

Concert in the Park doesn’t always have the best parking available. If you’re able, we highly recommend walking to your nearest park if possible. If not, be prepared for a bit of a walk once you park.

Also, many of the people attending have been coming for YEARS and will get there early to get “their spot.” Arrive early to find your perfect spot!

Have the Right Gear

While we LOVE Concert in the Park, it’s definitely easier if you have the right stuff. After attending Long Beach Concert in the Park literally my entire life, I’ve got the complete set of exactly what you’ll need to enjoy the night.

Family Set of Lawn Chairs

Part of the appeal is that these concerts are, well, in the park. Which means you pick a spot and park your family there. When our kids were teeny tiny, this usually meant spreading out a picnic blanket and getting down on the ground with them. We love these easy to wash, easy to fold, easy to carry picnic blankets.

Once our kids got a little older, we went with the full family set of chairs. We’ve had everything from this adorable baby high-chair for toddlers, to kid size camping chairs, to the deluxe picnic chairs for us grown ups. Costco usually has some great chairs in stock. If you shop the right time of year, you can usually grab a set to join the USC/UCLA wars if you’re so inclined! Or you can always rely on trusty Amazon to get you set up quickly.

Bug Spray

Long Beach Concert in the Park takes place on those beautiful SoCal summer nights. Which means the weather is usually just about perfect. Unfortunately, it also means you may be hanging out with some of our least welcome residents: mosquitos. Don’t forget to bring your favorite repellent so you’re just dancing to the tunes, not itching from the bites!

If you want to keep your picnic area mosquito free, try a Thermacell! This works great to create a little mosquito free bubble right at your home base.

Consider Bringing Backup

Depending on your kids’ ages, this might be less of a relaxing night of music and more of a stressful night of chasing kids around. If you’re wanting a more relaxing night, consider bringing a Mother’s Helper! This is a great opportunity for a tween or young teen to get some babysitting practice while you’re within sight! We have spent many summers giving the children of family friends their first experiences babysitting at concert in the park.

We loved getting a chance to relax. Our kids loved having an older kid to play with, push them on the swings, etc. And the tween loved getting some experience and earning a little money!

Do you know of any concerts in the park that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!

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