Summer Camps in Long Beach (2022)

Looking for summer camps in Long Beach in 2022? Check out this list of different summer camps in Long Beach, offering both whole and half day options!

Finding summer camps can be like an Olympic sport in Summer California. You’ve got to do your research, you’ve got to start early, and you’ve got to show up ON TIME if you want to snag your kids a spot.

But some of us (us, in particular, if we’re being honest) don’t really do THAT. We realize partway into summer that our kids are driving us crazy, and start looking around for summer camps for kids to get them out of our hair.

So we’re compiling this list of summer camps in Long Beach for 2022 for those of you who find yourself in similar positions.

It’s not going to have complete information for every camp, but it should be a solid list of options for you to explore.

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A Note About Our List of Summer Camps in Long Beach (2022)

Look, we probably COULD do a full, epic post with all the information about all the camps listed in this post.

But I’m gonna be honest with you- we have kids too, and we’re tired. And for 2022, this is the best we could do. This post is more like a chat with friends over coffee.

Like, “oh, did you see the chocolate shop is doing one?” And then you’re like, “no, oh my gosh, that’s amazing I’ll have to look into it!”

Like that.

So use this list as a jumping off point to help you find summer camps that will work for your kids. It should be easy enough to rule out the ones your kiddos aren’t interested in.

Full Day Summer Camps in Long Beach

There are some FANTASTIC full day summer camps in Long Beach. The hard part about these is that they tend to fill up fast and, obviously, they’re a bit more on the expensive side.

Here are some of the ones we can vouch for personally, either because our kids have gone or our friends’ kids have:

Here are others that we know of, but that we don’t have personal experience with:

Half Day Summer Camps in Long Beach

If you don’t need full day care, there are lots of fun options to consider for summer camps in Long Beach.

Here are half day summer camps:

Special Interest Summer Camps in Long Beach

If you don’t need childcare, but are just looking for some summer fun for your kiddos, consider these shorter, special interest summer camps in Long Beach.

There is bound to be something for everyone, from bakers to young scientists. It’ll give you a little break (and them a little excitement!) without interfering with other vacations or plans.

Here are some of the local special interest camps in Long Beach:

We know it’s not a complete list, but hopefully this post will give you some ideas for fun summer camps for kids in Long Beach in 2022.

We’d also LOVE to add to this post- with your help! Let us know of the summer camps in Long Beach that we missed in the comments, and we’ll get them added!

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