Best Kid Date Dessert Spots in Long Beach

Looking for a fun – and tasty! – place to go for a special treat with your kid? Trying to think of where to go on your next kid date in Long Beach? Check out the best dessert spots in Long Beach to take your kids!

My kids’ love language just might be chocolate. Followed by quality time. So when it came to finding ways for us to connect one on one, dessert kid dates in Long Beach were a perfect fit.

And so we began exploring our city looking for the best dessert in Long Beach.

Our kids had a fantastic time helping us do research! We loved realizing how much you can get kids to open up and share over dessert. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your kids or just have a yummy dessert in Long Beach, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

We’ve enjoyed ice cream and cinnamon rolls, cookies and cupcakes, and are bringing you our favorite spots. Did we miss one of your favorites? Drop it in the comments so we can check it out and add it to our list!

Waffle Love

Located in Steel Craft in Bixby Knolls, Waffle Love is a great spot where you can grab a sweet treat AND let your kid run around and burn off some energy! We love visiting with a group of friends as well. The adults can chat while the kids play – and everyone can enjoy a tasty sweet (or savory) waffle.

Somi Somi

If you’re looking for a fun, delicious, and visually amazing experience, check out Somi Somi in Bixby Knolls. The soft serve comes in a variety of yummy flavors and your kids will love their signature dessert the Ah-Boong. This fish shaped waffle cone is filled with the soft serve and toppings of your choice and is a feast for the eyes – and the tummy!

Pietri’s Bakery

I first started visiting Pietri’s Bakery on 2nd Street with my husband. We used to go to this all night dessert spot in San Diego and have been craving somewhere similar in Long Beach. We love going up to the counter, checking out all the options, and then sitting down for a fancy little dessert.

Which is exactly the type of experience my kids would love too! I mean, kids are notorious for ordering something and then refusing to eat it when it doesn’t look exactly how they imagined! But be warned: this place can be quite hard for indecisive kids with eyes bigger than their stomachs!


If you’re running some errands near the LBExchange, make it a special day with a stop at Susie Cakes. Share a big slice of any one of their delicious cakes or grab a cute individual treat for you and your little buddy. From their signature frosting filled cupcakes to adorable cookies and yummy bars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Rad Coffee

Rad is not your average coffee shop. Their signature iced blended coffee drinks are often topped with colorful whipped cream and sugary cereal toppings making this more dessert than coffee. Have your child’s drink made without coffee while still getting your daily fix on this perfect dessert date with kids. With a funky vibe, loud music, and delicious drinks, your kid will definitely think this kid date is Rad.


One of the newest additions to the Long Beach Dessert Scene, Cinnaholic is more than your average cinnamon roll. With flavors like the Cookie Monster Roll, the Strawberry Shortcake Roll and the LBC Roll (cake batter frosting topped with cookie dough, cinnadoodle cookie bites, “oreos,” sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate sauce) there is something for everyone at Cinnaholic!

Sweet & Saucy

I admit, I have a sweet spot for this dessert shop as they made my absolutely delicious wedding cake. And every year on our anniversary, my husband goes in to get me a pumpkin spice cupcake with salted caramel frosting. So it was extra special when I took my daughter to their storefront for a yummy tasting day!

With lots of tiny options, you can try a variety of desserts that will make your little one feel like royalty. From mini cupcakes to macaroons to cake pops, everything is absolutely delicious and the atmosphere is adorable.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, but that will still be a big winner for your kid, head over to Handel’s Ice Cream. Located at the LBXchange, Handel’s offers BIG ice cream at a surprisingly low price. There are also a TON of flavors, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The regular ice cream is always a hit, but you can also grab a milkshake, sundae or banana split.

Little girl with ice cream from Handel's Homemade Ice Cream in Long Beach

Pro tip: Get a cup to go with your child’s cone – even if you’re getting a single scoop. A single scoop is more like a triple at Handel’s! We’ve nearly lost many a scoop to melting and gravity here, so my kids finally admit that they need a cup. If yours resists, just ask for one as you leave and have it handy just in case.

The Funnel House

First of all, who doesn’t LOVE a funnel cake? Secondly, the location of The Funnel House makes this a perfect dessert date destination! Our kids always love the chance to go to Shoreline Village for a funnel cake and a ride on the carousel. Walk the boardwalk and browse through the shops to complete this fun – and delicious – kid date in Long Beach.

Pro Tip: Check their website for coupons and daily discounts when you plan your kid date!

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