Kid Friendly Restaurants in Long Beach

Looking for a meal out, but need a kid friendly restaurant in Long Beach? No worries- this city has tons of restaurants at all levels that are perfect for taking kids to! Read on for the full list of the best restaurants with kids in Long Beach.

Pre-kids, we LOVED going out to restaurants. Long Beach has so many amazing restaurants to choose from, and we spent lots of time checking out new spots every weekend.

We assumed this tradition would continue once we had our first baby.

And it did….kind of?

We quickly found out that not every restaurant in Long Beach is great for kids. (We’ll save Bungalow Kitchen, 555, and Saint and Second for our date nights!) But we did find a list of good restaurants to take kids to around here.

And we’re sharing it with you!

Read on for a list of the best kid friendly restaurants in Long Beach.

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Fancy Restaurants to Take Kids to In Long Beach

Okay, first of all- we’re not suggesting that you will necessarily ENJOY taking your kids to these restaurants.

We’re just saying that these restaurants are FINE with kids. So if you are celebrating a big birthday or anniversary with kids in tow, these fancy restaurants might fit the bill.

908 at LBX

Located at the low key LBX (near the Hangar), this is a surprisingly decent choice with little kids.

The food is fancy and delicious (read: expensive), but if you sit on the patio, you can let the kids play on the grass nearby and still keep a good eye on them (in between bites of steak, that is).


Rasselbock in Bixby Knolls isn’t CRAZY fancy, but the food is solid (and the price is higher than your standard kid friendly restaurant).

They have a cool outdoor area complete with a sandbox, so the kids will be pretty well entertained while you’re there.

I Luv Sushi

Their kids menu is incredible, and the atmosphere is pretty kid friendly.

We’ve also heard good things about Kura Sushi in Cerritos. Kids love to watch their revolving sushi bar!

The Eldo

This local favorite has a gorgeous outdoor patio, fancy food for you, and lots of fried yummy goodness for the littles!

Tokyo Hibachi

Okay, we haven’t been there personally, so take this one with a grain of salt- but we’ve heard lots of people LOVE taking kids to Tokyo Hibachi.

It’s fancier and a bit more expensive, but the Hibachi aspect makes it more entertaining for kids. It’s also on the louder side, so people are less likely to notice if your kids are loud, too.

Super Mex on Second Street

This isn’t “Fancy” per se, but it makes for a nice celebratory evening.

Sit on the patio for better results with kids, and stop by Livingston Park just behind it to wear the kids out before or after. (Use the bathroom before you go, because there isn’t one at the park!)

Extend your fun with a visit to one of the many dessert places on Second Street!

Casual Kid Friendly Restaurants in Long Beach

There are TONS of casual, kid-friendly restaurants in Long Beach. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Wahoo’s– Visit during happy hour from 4-7 for half-off appetizers, which help us feed our big family on the cheap!
  • Red Robin– Lots of bottomless sides make their kids meal one of the best in the Long Beach area (yes, really!)
  • Ruby’s– They took out the Ruby’s in Long Beach and Seal Beach, but there’s still one at the pier in Huntington. We love to take out-of-towners to this one!)
  • Steelcraft- Both the Bixby Knolls and Bellflower locations are great for kids, but the Bellflower location also boasts an arcade and a grassy area to play.
  • The Hangar at LBX- I’ll be honest, my kids aren’t huge fans of the food here. (There is a grilled cheese place, and you can order plain chicken tenders at JayBirds). But the outdoor area with lots of grass and live music on the weekends make it worth it.
  • Stonefire Grill- Big portions, casual seating. You pay in advance, so you can bail out quickly if you need to.
  • Baja Sonora (Clark and Spring Location)- Yummy food, with a giant patio with picnic tables. The vibe there is VERY family friendly, and you can grab a bundt at Creative Cakery on the way out.
  • Lucille’s– We’ll be honest, we’ve had mixed results with kids at Lucille’s. The patio and generally loud atmosphere helps (and the kids meal is fantastic).
  • Noble Bird at 2nd and PCH- Run by a local family, they are allergy friendly and typically have some kind of fun activity for kids to do. Bonus points? The kids can run around at 2nd & PCH afterwards.
  • Schooner or Later- I’ve only hit up this one with kids on weekdays. It’s super casual, and all the boats give kids something to look at. There’s no kids-meal activities though, so BYO distractions!

Best Kid Dessert Spots in Long Beach

Want to skip dinner and head straight to dessert? We’ve got a roundup of the best dessert spots in Long Beach – perfect for your next kid date!

This list of kid friendly restaurants will make visiting a restaurant with kids in Long Beach SO much easier. (And yummier, too!)

Okay, Long Beach- what are we forgetting? Tell us your favorites in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list!

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