Where to Get Kids’ Hair Cut in Long Beach

Looking for a great place to get a kids’ hair cut in Long Beach? We’ve got a list of local, kid-friendly salons near you.

Getting your kids’ haircut can be an ordeal. Some kids are afraid, some don’t like the various noises and sensations, and some just have a hard time sitting still for that long.

Whatever the case, getting your kids’ haircut isn’t a lot of fun.

However, there are some kid-friendly salons nearby that can make the experience so much better. Take a look at this list of where to get kids’ hair cut in Long Beach for ways to make the process less painful (for everyone involved!)

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Do You Need A Kid Friendly Salon?

Okay, first up- no, you don’t necessarily need a kid-friendly salon. But you do need a kid-friendly stylist, and you’re more likely to find one at some of the places on this list.

Risking a haircut on a random stylist at Supercuts can be just fine for all involved, but it can also be a disaster. You’re just rolling the dice.

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If you have a stylist you know and love, you can ask them if they cut kids’ hair too. That takes the unknown out of the equation without requiring that you go to a kids’ salon specifically.

Best Place to Get a First Haircut

For your kiddos’ very first haircut, we recommend going a little fancier.

All of these locations have super fun kid salon vibes– think little cars to sit in, TVs to watch, and treats after- but they also specialize in first haircuts.

sharkey's hair salon cerritos

First haircut packages at these locations all include a certificate and preserving a lock of hair.

Here are the local options that we know of that give special, super fun first haircuts:

Kids Only Hair Salons in Long Beach

Even if it’s not your child’s first haircut, your kids are going to love these kids-only hair salons near Long Beach. They are dedicated to kids and making the haircutting experience a fun one.

The stylists at these locations are pros at working with kids, even the tricky ones.

boy playing video games while getting haircut

They also have very fun salons, with things like car seats to sit in while your hair is cut, or vanities for the little girls. They usually have TVs or video games for the kids to use while they’re getting a trim, too.

Here are the best kids only hair salons near Long Beach:

Little Boy Haircuts in Long Beach

Now, there are a couple of downsides to those kids-only salons we mentioned. First up, they all tend to be sort of far, with none in Long Beach proper.

Secondly, these salons come with a hefty price tag for their super-fun services. And with boys, you’re going to be visiting again and again, so it’s got to be worth your money.

toddler boy getting hair cut

Sometimes you just need a basic cut, with a stylist that is good with kids. Here are the hair salons my friends and I have used with our kids, with good success:

Sop there you have it- our list of the best places to get a kids’ haircut in Long Beach. All of these options should leave your kiddo happy and fresh, without a ton of stress.

And we’re sure we missed some amazing, kid-friendly stylists in Long Beach. Who would you add to the list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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