The Best Children’s Dentists in Long Beach

Looking for a great kids’ dentist is Long Beach? We have several options for children’s dentists in the area, so you can find the one that takes your insurance and fits your family’s needs.

Going to the dentist with kids can be a truly daunting task. First, there’s deciding when to take them. Then, deciding what kind of dentist the need.

And once you get all that sorted out, you still need to find a children’s dentist near you that accepts your insurance.

It’s…. a lot.

So we’ve made it a little easier for you. Here are the best children’s dentists in Long Beach, along with the pros and cons of each one. It’ll help you decide which Long Beach dentist is right for your kids.

So here we go- let’s find you a kids’ dentist!

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Do You Need a Children’s Dentist?

First, let’s start with the obvious question- is it necessary for your kids to see a children’s dentist? And the short answer is no. Your kids can see any dentist that will accept them!

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However, going to a pediatric dentist can make a huge difference in your child’s comfort level, and yours. Children’s dentist offices are very familiar with children’s fears, needs, and behavior. You are more likely to have a successful visit at a pediatric dentist.

There are levels of pediatric dentists in Long Beach– some give off a very Disneyland vibe, while others are just dentists who are really good with kids.

Which Kids’ Dentist Accepts My Insurance?

There are a couple ways to figure out if a dentist office accepts your insurance.

First, you can decide which dentist you’d like, based on this post or Yelp reviews, for example. Then call up their office and ask them to run your insurance to see if it’s a good fit.

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Note: Make sure to ask ahead of time what your copayment would be. There is a difference between “accepting” your insurance and being “fully covered” by your insurance, so make sure to ask.

Most insurance providers also have lists of preferred dentists in the area. You can see if one of the kids’ dentists we recommend are on the list, or you can call the dentist directly and ask if they accept pediatric patients.

The Best Children’s Dentists in Long Beach

Okay, without further ado- let’s get on to our list!

Note: Long Beach Kids is not affiliated with any of the following pediatric dentist offices. These recommendations are to be vetted by the patient and their families individually. Your experience may vary. Long Beach Kids is not responsible for your experience at any of the following dentist’s offices.

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Funtastic Dental in Long Beach

Funtastic Dental in Long Beach is our #1 choice for kids’ dentists in the area. We take all seven (!) of our kids there, with great success.

And trust us when we say- not all of our kids are easy to take the dentist. So this is really saying something.


  • Excellent cost/coverage for those with Delta Insurance.
  • VERY fun. TVs playing kids’ movies above every chair, video games in the lobby, and lots of kid-friendly decor.
  • AMAZING hygienists that have years of experience working with kids. Honestly, they can get my kids to cooperate in ways that I can hardly believe.
  • Pain-free emphasis. You have lots of options with Funtastic, and they put you in the driver seat. They offer a variety of pain management options for procedures that could be painful.
  • Orthodontic Coordination. While Funtastic doesn’t offer orthodontics in house, they have an orthodontic branch that they work closely with. This helps keep the process seamless.


  • Cost, for anyone not covered by Delta Insurance.
  • It’s a busy office. Getting an appointment after school, for example, can be tricky.
  • Cancelation and late policies. I get why they do this (see above, regarding how it’s busy), but you may be given a fee or dropped as a patient after a certain number of cancelations or excessive lateness. They are, however, very understanding that life happens. Communication with them is key!

Children’s Happy Teeth in Lakewood

Children’s Happy Teeth worked very well for us during the years we weren’t covered by Delta Insurance.

child at the dentist


  • Accepts a larger variety of insurance.
  • More cost-effective for those without insurance.
  • Focused on the child’s experience. You will see toys and tablets in the lobby, fun decor, and television screens showing movies in the offices.
  • Wonderful dentists and hygienists. The staff here are wonderful with kids, are proactive with care, and very kind and encouraging.


  • More treatments are offered. I know, this sounds like a good thing. But they encouraged us to schedule more cleanings than were covered by our insurance, and that were deemed optional by other dentists. Nothing ridiculous. They just tend to be more on the cautious/preventative side.
  • Not quite as fun as Funtastic. Again, this isn’t a huge deal, especially if your kids are generally easy at the dentist.

Dr. Jeffery Cohen in Long Beach

Dr. Jeffery Cohen isn’t strictly a pediatric dentist. He is a family dentist, but we have several close friends who bring their children there with rave reviews.

child getting teeth cleaned


  • He is a family dentist. Your whole family can be seen in one place.
  • Great with kids. Dr. Cohen is friendly, patient, and works very well with children.
  • Reliably wonderful reviews. I don’t often recommend people or places I can’t personally vouch for, but reviews online and by close friends make me confident in this recommendation.


  • The office is not as “kid friendly.” This is a dentist office, and looks like a dentist office. That’s only a con if you have kids that are nervous about visiting the dentist and need to be persuaded!
  • No frills, bells, or whistles. You won’t see TVs at each station, kid-centered decor, etc. Again, this isn’t a bad thing. Just different than our other recommendations.

Other Children’s Dentists in Long Beach

Okay, so the answers above are our personal top recommendations. The ones we can vouch for.

However, there are also lots of pediatric dentists in Long Beach with rave reviews on public rating sites. To keep you from having to website hop, here are other recommendations for kids’ dentists in Long Beach with consistently good reviews.

It’s not a comprehensive list of kids’ dentists in Long Beach, but it is a list of children’s dentists that we feel good about recommending.

Do you have a pediatric dentist in Long Beach, or nearby, that we should add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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