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Junipero Beach Playground

One of the coolest playgrounds you probably haven’t been to is Juniper Beach Playground. Unless you’re at the beach, it’s not the kind of playground you might just stumble across or see from the street. But if your kids like climbing, there is no better park in Long Beach for them to test their skills!

You may have heard of the new beach playground but had a LOT of questions. (We did!) So we set out to find the new beach playground in Long Beach and bring you all the answers. First off – it’s officially called Juniper Beach Playground. Now that you’ve been able to find it on a map, you probably still want to know a few things before you head there for your first visit.

If you’re wondering what age is best or where do I park to go to Juniper Beach Playground – you’ve come to the right spot! We’ve tried to answer every question you might have about this new climbing park in Long Beach. And if we missed a question, drop it in the comments and we’ll try to answer it!

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Somerset Park in Long Beach

Looking for fun playgrounds, sports courts and plenty of green space to run around? Somerset Park in the Cal Heights Neighborhood of Long Beach is a great spot with something for kids of all ages. This park packs a lot of punch, but isn’t super spread out – so whether you’ve got a toddler on the baby swings or a teenager shooting hoops, you can easily keep an eye on everyone!

Full disclosure, I live very close to Somerset Park. And being from this neighborhood as well, I spent a lot of time growing up playing at this playground. When we moved in, we were happy to live close to a park. Then, Somerset Park became one of the first Long Beach parks to get the much needed playground upgrade. We were ecstatic!

Needless to say, we’ve visited this park quite often, and have compiled a lot of information in our experiences.

Here’s everything we’ve learned about from our many opportunities visiting Somerset Park with kids.

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Tips for Visiting Biscailuz Park in Lakewood

Heading to the Lakewood Mall or running some errands near the western border of Lakewood and Long Beach? Consider making a stop at one of our favorite less-busy parks.

If you live in or around Lakewood, you probably know the classic parks in Lakewood: The “Cinderella” Park, Del Valle Park, Bolivar Park – but you may not have been to Biscailuz Park in Lakewood. It’s off two major streets, but without an easy way to see how you get too the park, it’s a little under rated.

It’s also, in our experience, way less busy than those other parks. Which can sometimes be a big benefit for us! Sure, sometimes my kids are eager to meet new kids and play with them. But sometimes my kids just need to get their crazies out without a crowd!

And with it’s two giant play structures, sports fields, and ample picnicing opportunities there’s a LOT to love about Del Valle.

But before you head over, keep scrolling for our pro-level tips for visiting Biscailuz Park in Lakewood.

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Visiting the New Cherry Park Playground

Want to check out the brand new Cherry Park Long Beach update? If you live in the area, you’ve probably been anticipating it as much as we have. With a grand opening on July 24, 2021 the new playground at Cherry Park is amazing and was worth the wait! Here’s what we think you should know before you go!

Many of Long Beach’s playgrounds are getting a MAJOR Glow Up thanks to Measure A, and Cherry Park is the newest addition to the new playground club. We try to check out all the new and improved playgrounds, and Cherry Park playground is fantastic! Cherry Park Playground has so many elements that our kids love – climbing, tons of slides, and yes, plenty of swings.

At over 10 acres, Cherry Park is more than just an amazing playground update. With a ton of amenities and opportunities for sports and recreation, we know you’ll find something to love at Cherry Park.

Read on to find out why we love the new Cherry Park playground so much, for kids of all ages.

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Visiting Mayfair Park in Lakewood

Heading to Mayfair Park in Lakewood? It’s a really popular park with a TON of great features and facilities. Here’s what we think you should know before you go!

One of the first places I took my daughter once I started staying home with her was Mayfair Park in Lakewood. I’d heard there was lots for littler kids to do, and it seemed like a good place for us to celebrate my resignation from my full time gig.

She loved splashing in the wading pool, I loved the big, fully gated little kid playground. One of my sweetest memories took place here, realizing we would be spending long days together, just like this, every day from then on.

As time has gone by and my kids have grown, we find ourselves returning to Mayfair more and more, for a whole new set of reasons.

Read on to find out why we love Mayfair Park so much, for kids of all ages.

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Discovery Well Park in Signal Hill

Looking for a fun, secluded playground with lots of opportunities for playing and picnicking with an incredible view? Check out Discovery Well Park in Signal Hill with your kids for lots of fun.

Long Beach and the surrounding areas – like Signal Hill – are home to some amazing parks, and Discovery Well Park is no exception. At nearly 5 acres, Discovery Well Park has an amazing new playground, as well as a 2 picnic shelters, a community center, basketball and pickleball courts, and a ton of green space for kids to run explore and play.

There are lots of reasons to visit Discovery Well Park in Signal Hill – and here are some of our favorites.

This post was edited, May 2023 to reflect the new playground.

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