Somerset Park in Long Beach

Looking for fun playgrounds, sports courts and plenty of green space to run around? Somerset Park in the Cal Heights Neighborhood of Long Beach is a great spot with something for kids of all ages. This park packs a lot of punch, but isn’t super spread out – so whether you’ve got a toddler on the baby swings or a teenager shooting hoops, you can easily keep an eye on everyone!

Full disclosure, I live very close to Somerset Park. And being from this neighborhood as well, I spent a lot of time growing up playing at this playground. When we moved in, we were happy to live close to a park. Then, Somerset Park became one of the first Long Beach parks to get the much needed playground upgrade. We were ecstatic!

Needless to say, we’ve visited this park quite often, and have compiled a lot of information in our experiences.

Here’s everything we’ve learned about from our many opportunities visiting Somerset Park with kids.

Planning a Visit

Somerset Park is located in the Cal Heights neighborhood of Long Beach. It’s a large park with two playgrounds and a ton of other amenities.

You can find Somerset Park on Carson St., in between Orange Ave. and Cherry. For Google Map purposes, you can use address the 1500 E. Carson St.

How is Parking at Somerset Park?

Parking is free and usually pretty easy at Somerset Park. The park takes up the entirety of a large city block, so while there isn’t a designated parking lot, there is lots of street parking.

There is also additional residential parking in the adjacent neighborhood.

What Facilities are at Somerset Park?

Somerset Park has a lot of awesome amenities, making it a popular space for parties – especially on the weekends!

The amenities at Somerset Park include:

  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • A large “big kid” playground
  • An enclosed “little kid” playground
  • Large open grassy area
  • Covered picnic table area

Is Somerset Park Gated?

Somerset Park has not one – but two awesome playgrounds. The Little Kid playground is completely gated with two gates for entry. One gate is near the residential street where you can park, and the other leads towards the larger Big Kid playground.

The Big Kid playground is not fully gated, however there is a fence with a gate for entry separating the playground from the busy street.

Is Somerset Park on a Busy Street?

While the address of Somerset Park is on Carson (a very busy street) the park is surrounded by 3 residential streets (2 of which are very low traffic). The playground area is protected from Carson with a fence.

However, if you’ve got a runner – you may want to be watchful of that gate. Additionally, the grassy area is not fenced off from the street, so picnicking could be a challenge as well.

How are the Bathrooms at Somerset Park?

The bathrooms at Somerset park are located between the basketball courts and Big Kid Playground. They are public park bathrooms – meaning not luxurious by any means! There are sinks with running water, but rarely soap. They are functional in a pinch, but we recommend going before you head to the park!

Does Somerset Park have Sand?

Somerset Park has a combination of sand and rubber matting. The actual play structures and swings are all housed on rubber matting (for safety and accessibility), but are surrounded by pockets of sand. So, in theory, you can stay quasi sand-free, but most kids won’t.

Is Somerset Park Accessible for Kids of All Abilities?

Somerset Park has a combination of structures that are not easily navigable for kids and folks with physical disabilities. However, Somerset Park does have some accessible features for kids of various mobilities.

Does Somerset Park have Shade?

Somerset Park is largely in the sun. However, there is definitely some shade for respite. Between the swings and the large playground is a huge tree that my kids love to play under. Whether engaging in some pretend play or busting out the sand toys, this is a great place to take a break from the structure – and sun.

There is also a covered area with benches adjacent to the large play structure and covered picnic tables in the enclosed small play structure. So while you should always lather up the sunscreen for kiddos playing in the sun, there are ample opportunities to take a break in the shade.

How Many Swings does Somerset Park have?

Somerset Park is unique in that it has swings in both the Big Kid playground and the Little Kid playground. The Big Kid playground has 2 “big kid” swings and 2 adaptive ADA swings.

The Little Kid playground has 2 “baby” swings.

What is the Best Age Range for Somerset Park?

Somerset Park is a great playground for kids of all ages and abilities. The Little Kid playground has a wonderful small structure for kids learning to navigate climbers, slides and swings.

Important to note: There is a local neighborhood co-op preschool that operates out of the enclosed “little kid” playground.

When they’re ready, they can start playing on the Big Kid playground which has features to entertain the new “big kids” and some more advanced features for more seasoned playground fans. From tiny “baby slides” to two crazy twisty slides for big kids – this structure was built with all ages in mind.

Is Somerset park a Good Place for a Picnic.

There are no large picnic structures at Somerset Park. However, there are a couple of picnic tables and benches located under a structure. This area is immediately adjacent to the Big Kid playground and are a great “home base” for a picnic while the kids play.

There are also two picnic tables located inside the gated Little Kids play area. This is a great feature you don’t find at many parks – and one of the things we especially love for play dates with our littles!

If you want to go a little more classic with your picnic, there is a ton of green space with beautiful trees you can spread a blanket out under.

Would this be a Good Place for a Party?

Parties are allowed at Somerset Park – and on the weekends there are often several of them! If you’re interested in having a party here, check in with the City of Long Beach Parks Department. You may need a permit – especially if you want to have a bounce house! There is a ton of green space, making it a great location if you are interested in a bounce house party.

What do we Love Most about Somerset Park?

There is a ton to love about Somerset Park, so here are some of our favorite features:

Sensory Play

Somerset Park is a great spot to engage all the senses with a variety of sensory-friendly equipment. There are great places to climb, very long slides (that our kids love to go down – AND UP!), and swings to get sensory input. Add in some fun bells that kids of all abilities can chime and your kiddos will be firing their senses on all cylinders!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Every time we go, my kids love to do the Nature Scavenger Hunt – even if they know by heart where every item is. It’s a great game and a fun way to mix up your visit to the park.

Creative Ways to Climb

From classic rock walls to twisty ladders to unique nature themed climbing elements you won’t see anywhere else, there are a ton of different ways for your little one to challenge their climbing skills. No matter what their comfort level or ability, there’s something for everyone to climb!

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