The Pools at Mayfair Park

Need to cool off this summer? There’s lots to love about the community pools at Mayfair Park, including a public pool (near Long Beach!) and a wading pool with a fun sprinkler. Read on to get all the details!

When my four kiddos asked to go to a wading pool, I was skeptical. At ages 9, 8, 5, and 3, the older two were well outside of the range.

But they’re good kids, and I knew they’d be respectful of littler ones. So we trekked off to the Mayfair Wading Pool to see if it was as good as we remembered.

The 9 and 8 year olds loved it even more than the younger two did!

It reminded me of why we’ve always loved the pool at Mayfair Park. Not only is the community pool available for rec swim, swim lessons, and even private pool parties, but the wading pool is open daily all summer and totally free.

Do we have you convinced yet? If not, you’ll need to keep reading for the full details. We promise we’ll get you hooked sooner than later!

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Planning a Visit

Mayfair Park is located on the north central end of Lakewood, not far from the Lakewood Mall.

The hours for rec swim and the wading pool vary from summer to summer and season to season. You’ll definitely want to check for the latest information before you go!

Here’s the address, for your GPS purposes: 5720 Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712

What is Parking Like?

One of my favorite things about Mayfair Park is how dang EASY parking is. There is a huge lot located at the northeast corner.

There is also lots of street parking along Clark Ave and Fidler Ave, which aren’t particularly busy streets along these stretches.

How are the bathrooms at Mayfair Park?

As with most parks in Lakewood, the bathrooms are very clean and well-maintained.

There are bathrooms near the locker rooms at the community pool, and outside of the wading pool area as well.

What is the Community Pool Like at Mayfair Park?

The public pool at Mayfair park is large, rectangular, and pretty basic.

There’s a very shallow shallow end, and a nice and deep deep end. There are two diving boards at the east end of the pool, and lots of lifeguard coverage.

A building near the pool has locker rooms to change and shower off (depending on current restrictions), and easily accessible restrooms.

Are swim diapers required at Mayfair Pool?

Swim diapers are required for kids aged 4 and under. They are available for purchase at the front desk.

Are There Swim Lessons at Mayfair Park?

Mayfair Park offers swim lessons year round, with more swim lessons being offered in the summer.

Whether you are a Lakewood resident or not, these are the most affordable swim lessons in the area. They are pretty basic- little kids will blow bubbles and hold onto the wall while they kick, while older kids will learn strokes- but they get the job done.

In the summer, you can choose between Saturday sessions or weekday. If you choose weekday, kids will swim daily for two weeks. It’s a great way to build skills quickly, or to reinforce what they learned last summer.

Is there free swim at Mayfair Pool in Lakewood?

Due to current health order, recreational or free swim at Mayfair Park is limited.

Hopefully it will be back to normal soon, but here are the current hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 1-2:30 pm
  • Saturday: 1-2:30 pm; 2:45-4:15
  • Sunday: 2:45 – 4:15 p.m.

Currently, the price of rec swim at Mayfair Park is as follows:

  • Residents: $1 for children, $1.50 for adults
  • Non-residents: $2 for children, $3 for adults

Can you have private pool parties at Mayfair Park?

Mayfair Park rents out the pool during certain times of the week for private parties!

As of this posting, the cost was $60 an hour for residents and $108 per hour for non-residents. You can get more information about the Mayfair pool rentals here.

What is the wading pool like at Mayfair Park?

The Mayfair Park wading pool is a bit more fun, in our opinion, than some of the other Lakewood wading pools.

The wading pool is about the same size as the pool at Mae Boyar, and is about a foot deep throughout.

What makes this pool more fun is the reach of the sprinklers, which cover most of the pool. There is also a mushroom shaped sprayer that drips water from the top and has gushing water at the bottom. (If you have littles that don’t like to get their face wet, this pool is likely not going to be much fun for them.)

There isn’t much shade available for parents sitting on the sidelines. Try to get a spot under the trees early, or be prepared to get in the water with the kiddos.

What age can use the wading pool at Mayfair Park?

According to the posted rules, the wading pool at Mayfair is for kids 7 and under.

However, these rules are self-enforced. If your older kids are being kind and respectful, there will likely be no issue with them using the pool.

When is the Mayfair Park Wading Pool Open?

As of this posting, the Mayfair Wading Pool is open daily during the summer months.

It is generally open from 11-4 Monday through Sunday, with additional evening hours on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm. Check the hours before you go to make sure they haven’t changed!

Is the Mayfair Wading Pool free?

The Mayfair Wading Pool is good wholesome fun for little kids. It is one of the benefits of living near Lakewood, and there is no cost to use the wading pool.

Can you eat at the Mayfair Park pools?

While you can’t eat inside of the pool areas, there are several great picnic areas at Mayfair Park. First up, you can bring a blanket and set up under any of the giant, shady trees.

There are also picnic tables located on the south side of the public pool, just outside of the gates.

There are also sweet little picnic spots near the wading pool, which makes it easy to enjoy a picnic before or after wading pool play. (Anyone else remember when it was a McDonald’s snack bar, with french fries and ice cream??)

Why we Love the Mayfair Public Pool

I love how affordale the Mayfair public pool is. I can take my kids swimming for a couple of hours for under $10, or use the wading pool for free.

The area is clean and well maintained, and their locker rooms have never once given me th icks.

And most importantly? My kids love it, so we always make wonderful summer memories together there.

If you haven’t tried the pools at Mayfair Park yet, we bet you’re seeing now that you’re missing out. Check for current swim times, and head on over for some splashy fun in the summer sun.

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