Tips for Visiting Signal Hill Park

Looking for a one stop shop for fun in Signal Hill? Signal Hill Park (and the adjacent Signal Hill Library) is a great place to go to play, relax, shoot some hoops, or grab a library book!

While being a small city, Signal Hill has some large – and amazing – parks. At just over 10 acres, Signal Hill Park is a lot more than just a great playground. Beyond the Community Center and Signal Hill Library is extensive green space that is often used for community events like concerts and movies in the park.

There are lots of reasons to visit Signal Hill Park in Signal Hill – and here are some of our favorites.

Planning a visit to Signal Hill Park?

Signal Hill Park is located in the heart of Signal Hill. Not to be confused with Signal Hill Hilltop Park, Signal Hill Park is located at the bottom and just to the west of the signature hill.

Signal Hill Park is located at 2175 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755. However, if you’re looking for the playground, you’re probably better off using the address for the Signal Hill Library, which is 1800 E. Hill St., Signal Hill, CA 90755.

How is Parking at Signal Hill Park?

Signal Hill Park shares a large parking lot with the Signal Hill Library (located right next door!) We usually enjoy going to the park earlier in the day before it gets too hot, so we have never had a problem getting easy (and close to the playground) parking.

What Facilities are at Signal Hill Park?

Signal Hill Park is a robust park featuring a ton of amenities covering it’s over 10 acres.

Here are some of the amenities:

  • Large playground
  • 2 Full Basketball courts
  • 4 covered (rentable!) picnic shelters
  • Individual covered picnic tables
  • Community Room
  • Huge grassy area

For more information about the Signal Hill Park Community Center, visit their website here.

Is Signal Hill Park Gated?

Unfortunately, Signal Hill Park is not enclosed. However, the playground is surrounded by other park facilities (like the basketball courts and picnic shelters) so your kids are fairly contained.

Is Signal Hill Park on a Busy Street?

Signal Hill Park is located off Cherry Avenue, which is a VERY busy street. However, the playground is far away from Cherry Ave. and is separated from the side street, E. Hill St., by the basketball court and parking lots. There are no busy streets close, so if you’ve got a runner, this is a safer option for you.

How are the bathrooms at Signal Hill Park?

There are bathrooms at Signal Hill Park. They are decently well maintained public park bathrooms. There is a trough sink that is usually very well stocked with soap and the toilets are usable.

Important note: The Signal Hill Park bathrooms have very strict – and automatic – hours! There are large metal doors at the outside of the bathrooms and they lock at 10pm – even if you’re inside. While we don’t expect you’ll be at the playground at 10pm, it’s still an important tip!

Does Signal Hill Park Have Sand?

One of our favorite things about parks in Signal Hill is that they are almost all sand-free and Signal Hill Park is no exception! This playground has completely rubberized surfaces, with additional green space available for play as well.

Looking for more sand-free parks? Head here!

Is Signal Hill Park Accessible for Kids of All Abilities?

Unfortunately, Signal Hill Park playground has not been designed with features made for kids of all abilities.

Does Signal Hill Park Have Shade?

The playground at Signal Hill Park is in direct sunlight, so make sure to lather up with sunscreen before you go! However, parts of the playground often provide shade so your child will be able to take a break from the sun easily. One of our kids favorite spots is this little table built into the structure. Lots of pretend play happens here, probably because of it’s convenient shade!

How Many Swings are at Reservoir Park?

Signal Hill Park has two baby swings, and two traditional “big kid” swings. However, at the time of this publication, the big kid swings were marked off with caution tape. We’ll keep an eye out and update when we see that they are back in action!

What is the Best Age Range for Signal Hill Park?

The posted age range for Signal Hill Park is 5 to 12 years of age. However, in our experience much younger children, including toddlers will have fun at this park. In fact, this is one of the first parks we went to with our little ones. We attended weekly baby story time at the Signal Hill library and played at the playground before and after.

Little legs have a blast working their way across this wobbly contraption (yay for some awesome gross motor skills practice!).

There’s a ton of fun ways to climb and slide for kids of all ages!

Having a Picnic at Signal Hill Park

Signal Hill Park is a great place to have a picnic. There is one large, centrally located picnic shelter right next to the playground. It has two tables and it a great spot for a larger group.

There are also five individual covered picnic tables around the perimeter of the playground. These are a really cool feature and also help increase your odds that you’ll have a place to set your stuff while the kids play!

Can You Have a Party at Signal Hill Park?

Yes, you can have a party at Signal Hill Park. You can reserve any of the 4 picnic shelters and/or jumper space for parties. (Note that shelter rentals are limited to 4 hours). Only one of the shelters is immediately next to the playground, however. The remaining three shelters are over in the grassy area. From those shelters, you don’t have a direct view of the playground, so you may want to reserve early and be flexible with available dates if you want the close shelter.

While this park borders Long Beach just across the street, it is technically in Signal Hill. There are separate resident and non-resident rates, so if you know someone that’s a resident of Signal Hill, you may want to see if they will help you make the reservation.

For rates and additional information about reserving space at Signal Hill Park, visit their facilities site here.

What do we Love Most About Signal Hill Park?

Proximity to Signal Hill Library

We always say that we’re stay at home Moms that RARELY stay at home. So if we’ve loaded the kids to go to the park, we’re probably going to see if there’s anything else we would like to do nearby. Lucky for us, Signal Hill Park has a built in option to extend our day. On a hot day, it’s a great place to visit after the playground. This brand new library has a ton of great amenities and an amazing dinosaur themed kids area.

Bonus points for the Signal Hill Library sharing a parking lot with the playground so no extra bucking and unbuckling necessary!

Fun Monkey Bars

One of the proudest moments my kids have ever had at the park was mastering the monkey bars. So they love challenging themselves beyond the traditional monkey bars – and boy does Signal Hill Park deliver that challenge! There are three different styles of monkey bars at Signal Hill Park, perfect for training your tiny Ninja Warrior.

Start on the curved monkey bars for a beginner challenge as you work your way towards the leaning bars. Consider yourself a monkey bar champion when you can make it all the way across the up and down monkey bars! While frustrating for some kids, others will love that there is something they maybe can’t accomplish on their first visit to the park. Bringing them back will be fun as they keep trying to successfully traverse all three sets of Monkey bars.

The Giant Fish

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Signal Hill Park is that there is a giant orange fish at the center of the playground. It’s definitely the first thing our kids notice! But that giant fish isn’t just a cool decoration. Kids can walk straight through the middle of the fish! Use the grooves for steps or balance your way down the spine. Either way, our kids have spent ages going back and forth on the giant orange fish, and we bet yours will too!

We love Signal Hill Park – and we think you will too!

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